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I wanted to do DNS lookup for one of my websites and I stumbled upon this tool called abongo on abongo.com. I found it really helpful with excellent UI and great response time.  As you kno that DNS, Reverse DNS, Whois, Ping, TraceRoute Host and Page Rank etc are some of the basic every day tools needed by any webmaster or network administrator.  The best part of this tool is that it gives you information from 8 locations around the world.

I was having some network problems with one of my websites , When I used abongo I found that from 4 of the locations the ping was having 50% packet loss. This is too bad  for a website and needs to be corrected. Such information is indispensable for webmasters and other network and web professionals.  Only if you know you can make corrections. The earlier tools I used to google and use did not have such details.

The fact that so many good webmaster tools are packed into one easy interface deserves a mention. All you have to do is enter the domain name of the website you want to lookup and click the DNS button. You will not have to enter the domain name again, you can just keep clicking other buttons to get information about Whois, Tracecert etc. Which is why I said earlier that tools of everyday usefulness are packed in one easy interface.

When you see the information from 8 locations around the world you can get plain text (complete with maps and explanations) . You can use this to lookup your or other websites, see where they are hosting, see if their mail is on google, really get a feel for who they are. And you can do the same for your own site. For eg: if you find that your competitor is using a particular mail service you can give it a try. This excellent service comes to you totally free of cost and there are no intrusive ads to block your way.

The way abongo has developed the website, it seems this company has long way to go. I am sure in future they will be either improving their services or adding more free tools for webmasters. I have personally bookmarked the website and will keep checking, you can do that too and spread the word to your friends.  In case abongo folks are reading this article , please add some social bookmarking buttons so users can share this with their friends.