Checklist For Reviewing Software Requirement Specification

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Checklist For Reviewing Software Requirement
Specification (SRS)

Note: Following is Generic checklist. It is not
meant to be complete. Tailor it as per your project needs.

SRS Entry Criteria (Minimum Requirements)






Is the project formally
approved by customer?




Has the customer agreed to
final SRS document?




Is User acceptance criteria
been identified in the SRS ?




Has PM and SQA , reviewed
and signed off SRS ?




Are there any conflicts in
the requirements ?




Is any requirement ambiguous
or not clear ?




Testability: Is each
requirement testable and verifiable ?




Has the assumptions being
validated as true or false?




Does the SRS cover
Non-functional requirements like -  performance, usability, safety,
reliability, security and privacy and statutory and regulatory norms?




Is Non-functional
requirements stated in measurable terms which can be validated during user
acceptance testing.




Are the interfaces with
other software/hardware products fully specified in the SRS ?




Implementability :
Has the feasibility of implementation verified  under current project and
managerial contraints.?




Integrity:  Is the
security aspect of the system specified?






Integrity: Is the
confidentiality of the specifications included in the contract ?




Maintainability -Is
the maintainability (mean time to correct) specified ?





Is acceptable level of system documentation specified?





Checklist of other Functional and Non-Functional










a) Functional Requirements




· Is each
requirement traceable to customer provide business requirement ?




· Are the
constraints clearly stated ?




  Has all assumptions being validated?




  Does all the risk have mitigation plan?




  Have all the dependencies identified




· for each
requirement, has the acceptance criteria specified? Are the requirements
stated in measurable terms ?




· Do the
requirements specify any method for exception handling or handling alternate
functional logic flow?




· Are the
requirements prioritized?




b) Performance




· Is the
acceptable response time specified ?




·  Is
anticipated number of operations per second specified?




·  Is
 estimated data flow volumes mentioned?




·  Is peak
data flow volumes clearly identified ?




·  Is the size
of the typical transaction clearly stated ?




·  Is maximum
size of the data transaction specified?




·  Is upper
and lower control limits ( tolerance criteria) specified ?




c) Usability & User Training




· Are the HELP
facility requirements clearly spelt out, if any ?




·  Are the
considerations for User Interface Design clearly specified, if applicable ?




·  Are any
considerations for consistency in system outputs specified ?




·  Is the
skill level and effort required to use output defined in the requirements ?




Do the requirements specify manuals that explain how to use
the system ?




Do the requirements specify training courses on the use
of the system, if appropriate ?




· Do the
requirements specify types of documentation that should accompany the




· Do the
requirements specify that documentation should indicate the most likely
problems and the action to be taken if these problems occur ?




d) Portability




  • Do requirements identify target hardware/software
    environments for the system ?




  • If there is a need to move the software from one
    piece of hardware to another, has that been included in the requirements ?




  • Do the requirements specify need for having any
    international capabilities in terms of error/help messages, translated
    text, date/time formats, numeric separators etc. ?




E ) Quality




  • Is measurable quality aspects specified?




  • Is standards outlined in the requirements ?




  • Is the system reliability (expected up-time) aspect
    specified ?




  • Is acceptable number of residual defects specified ?