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CMMI - Summary of what's new compared with CMM

The following points will help answering subjective question if it appeared. Try to find more details on the 7 points below.

CMMI is here and gradually gaining

momentum. The sunset period for  SW-CMM ends in Dec. 2003

  1. CMMI Level 2 :One new process area
  2. CMMI Level 3 :  Seven new process areas, two dropped
  3. Staged  Representation : All PA at one maturity level
  4. Continuous Representation :Select PA and capability level
  5. Assessments Classes A, B & C : Initial, Incremental & Final
  6. Education : SCAMPI assessor and CMMI instructor
  7. Opportunity: Study, plan,
    evaluate, commit, deploy

CMMI Levels: -

· Initial :The software process is characterized as ad hoc.
Few processes are defined, and success depends on individual effort and heroics

· Repeatable: Basic project management processes are established to track cost, schedule, and functionality. The necessary process discipline is in place to repeat earlier successes on projects with similar

· Defined: The software process for both management and engineering activities is documented, standardized, and integrated into a standard software process for the organization. All projects use an approved,
tailored version of the organization's standard software process for developing and maintaining software

· Managed: Detailed measures of the software process and product quality are collected. Both the software process and products are quantitatively understood and controlled

· Optimizing: Continuous process improvement is enabled
by quantitative feedback from the process and from piloting innovative ideas and


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Can you tell me the comparison between QAI,CMM and ISO models?


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Hi Unna The most complete and official comparision of CMM & ISO can be found at


 However it is a huge document... If you can extract few points and post it here it would be good.

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Hi, This does not give me the comparision of QAI model, CMM & ISO.Correct me if i am wrong. I have a few files that give me the comparision of CMM & ISO. Sure i ll post them. Thanks Unna

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Do you have any documents on "why companies use quality models"?

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That answer is there in CBOK. Chapter on Quality models  , Page 3-1


To satisfy business goals and objectives

 Requirements are imposed by customers

For competitive reasons

As a guide for continous improvement

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I also went through the Cbok. Just thought if you could give me some additional points.

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If you elaborate on these points, it should be sufficient for 7 marks.

You can explain by taking an example in each case. or cases that apply.

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Hi Unna,
Please can you post me the comparision of QAI model, CMM & ISO.

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hi, everybody is talking about CBOk, but where do yuo get it, the QAI is very costly for an indian to buy, 100$ , do we have an Low price edition for India.
Where do i get the book in India?? , anything will do,
hard copy, soft copy, online . Do plz tell me the path, book store to find CBOK.

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You have to order it via QAI. Most MNC companies have it in library. Check with your company or your friends