I have 'n' years exp. in Quality / Testing . Should I choose CSQA or CSTE ?

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A very typical decision making question that comes to anyone's mind while doing CSQA or CSTE. It happened to me as well. I was thinking maybe CSTE or CSQA or Both.

If you are working in Testing or Quality related field this is a common doubt.  The answer to this question depends upon.

  • Your individual skills and interest.
  • Your current job and your career path you choose ( your long term goal )
  • Your organization's work and strategy.

If you like Testing and want to grow as a Tester, Take up lead Tester positions or Test manager then the answer i clear go for CSTE and Advanced Level of CSTE.

However if you are looking for a career as QA manager or Project manger , then its not enough to know about Testing, you should be able to lead the Process improvment teams and guide and direct your staff. CSQA is the better option in such cases.

I would recommend you do some homework, think about the above points. Also check the Syllabus for CSQA and CSTE and then Decide. Many people do both, but then its not always recommended.

 What suits you many not suit others and hence there is no one size that fits all here.

 Checkout http://www.softwarecertifications.org for more information and Syllabus.

 If your doubt is whether or not to do CSQA. The answer is simple, Just Go for it , dont think twice.


vishal.godsepatil's picture

hi this is vishal godse patil i have 4 montha of EXP in testing. i have completed ISTQB with 34 marks. should i go for CSQA now or its too early for me.does exp. matters for CSQA.

will u plz reply me on vishal@omni-bridge.com

Sudhakar Packiamuthu's picture

Hi Vishal...

It's too early for u to go for CSQA/CSTE since u have only 4 months of experience...CSQA/CSTE is for associates who have 2years of experience in the field...Please visit the site www.softwarecertifications.org to get more details on pre-requisites for taking up CSQA/CSTE...
QAI as such does not cross verify the experience of the associate...But then if found guilty for not having the valid experience u would be punished...So its better u take up CSQA only after u have 2 years of experience...

I m not sure r u on the testing front or process front...CSTE is for associates who are on the testing front...& CSQA is for associates who are on the process front...

Do let me know if u have any questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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i have 3 yrs of exp. in IT, dev. & support mainly ..i'm willing to move out of technology,Please suggest if CSQA would be a good option.

what career opportunities will be open for me then ..