CSTE Certification Eligibility , Mock tests, Study materials.

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When you are first planning for CSTE certification, you will have lot of questions in your mind,

  1. Am I eligible for CSTE certification
  2. What books materials do I have to read
  3. What practice tests , other study materials do I need, and where can I find mock tests
  4. How to prepare for Essay type questions of CSTE exam.

So check if you can get the answers below.

CSTE is a highly recognized certification mainly suited for experienced testers and someone who is serious about their testing careers. CSTE certification is recognized and has market value.  CSTE is an indication of your competence in software testing and even mastery to some extent.  Because the exam is practical oriented , you will learn a lot while preparing for CSTE certification, which will ultimately help you grow much faster in your software testing career. Later you can even take the manager level certification CMST and scale even more heights.

Eligibility, Application and CBoK

First things, first, there are prerequisite you should meet before applying for CSTE certification.

  •  4 years degree from reputed college + 2 years of IT experience OR
  •  3 years degree + 3 years IT experience OR
  •  2 years degree + 4 years IT experience OR
  •  6 years IT experience OR / AND  Should be worked in IT field for the last 18 months


These are listed on softwarecertifications.org


Next fill out the  available at CSTE Certification application form.  While filling the form select CSTE certification.


The application fee for any fresh certification is US $350, here you will also get the exam guide CD. You can  mail or fax the above filled application form to the appropriate address provided in the application form with your fees payment.


Certification exams are conducted in the location of your choice. After submission your application will be reviewed by QAI and on approval further notes will be sent to the local exam centers approved by QAI.  You can check the current year schedule and locations of testing certification here.


The Exam is 4 parts


  • Part 1- 50 Multiple Choice Objective Questions
  • Part 2- Short Answer/Essay (10 Subjective questions)
  • Part 3- 50 Multiple Choice Objective Questions
  • Part 4- Short Answer/Essay (10 Subjective questions)

Objective Questions are multiple choice (a,b,c,d) questions and right answers must be selected.
Subjective Questions will have answer sheets with blank spaces succeeding each question .You need to fit your answer in the blank space only . No extra sheets are provided
Total exam time 4 ½ hours with 3-10 minutes break between two consecutive exams.
You must secure 75% in EACH of the four papers



Want to know about CSTE certification, its requirements, eligibility criteria, Study plan, exam format and passing grades. Check this PPT for details


After you register on the website for CSTE you can download your copy of CSTE CBoK

Materials to read

As for the books and materials, CSTE CBoK should be enough. Where you need more understanding you can google in and find more information.  After you have read the CBOK for CSTE, you can also checkout this pdf file which is "CSTE CBOK Refined". Its like quick memory mnemonics and lot of notes and definitions


Also check the materials and articles here http://csqa.info/cste_software_testing

Mock tests

CSTE certification exam sample papers:


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There is one 50 multiple choice question CSTE Practice Test on SkillSign.com but that I have already taken...I am looking for a detail essays help which gives me a complete mock test solutions and other requirement for this exam.