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Hi all,

I would like to request your support.

I don't understand clearly the difference between Procedure and Process; Inspection and Review.

Please help me to distinguish these concepts.

Many thanks, 

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Hello anhntn,

Difference between Process and Procedure .....!

A process is a series of steps, tasks or activities that converts inputs to a desirable output, i.e. a process is what will be done. I present the process as a diagram.

A procedure is a specific course of action required to achieve each of the process stapes, tasks or activities, i.e. how it will be done and who will do it. A procedure details to the process



A: Build me a house. What do I do? Well, first you buy some land, then you...

B: Build me a house. How do I do that? Well, first you buy some land, then you...

 Process = What we do.
Procedure= How we do it.


I hope it will clear your doubts.






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Hi there,


Very well defined.

i have some doubts .i am new to this site interested to know more about QA meterials.

how to start QA A to Z

Please any suggestion will be grately appreciated. 



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I'm new here and I want to know more about procedure.