CSQA exam material and question bank

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Hi Friends,

Can any one forward me the question bank as well exam material for csqa exam.






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 Hi Shivika,

I am also looking for CSQA study material and old question paper.

If you will get any info please share......

thanks & regards


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Hi shivika

I have the material but donno how to send that since the file size is big.

Anyway u can call me@ 9940640123 


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Can you pl send a zip copy of CSQA material?My id is krispapai1973@yahoo.com

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Can you pl send a zip copy of CSQA material?My id is akgomz@yahoo.com or ak.gomathi@gmail.com

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Hi everybody,

I have joined the group today too, because I'm interested in to take CSQA exam in the next months. I'm looking for the CBOK and the question bank.

I am seeing that you have sent it to some other people in the community.

Could you send it to me too, please ? My email is juporrascr@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance.

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I wanted to know whether it is important to have 2 years of experience in QA for appearing for the CSQA exam.I have 6 months experience in QA and I intend to give this certification examination this year but am confused about the eligibility criteria after going through some websites related to it.

( assignment , thesis help and essay writing )

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I am planning to take CSQA, can someone please share the study material and sample questions papers/ CBOK.My email address is nishasharma30@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.


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Hi I'm a fresher joined today, Can u plz post me the material you have, since i'm also interested to take CSQA. Also do share your your experience @ sadasiva87@gmail.com

Thanks in Advance.

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Could you please send me the CSQA material, thank you very much.
Thank you,

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can you please any one share me the latest CSQA material.


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could you please send me the latest CSQA material to my mail id.
Thanks in advance


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Please send me the CSQA material.It will be a great help.

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Hi guys,
Congrats to everyone who have cleared (CSQA & CASQ) and best of luck to beginers.
Can someone share CSQA cbok and question papers?

Thanks guys,
Viji :)

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Hi ,


You can send me the zip file at shivikarattan@yahoo.com.


Thanks n regards,


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Hi Venky ,

Plz share the URL or the zip file as very little time is left for the June 2008 exam. Can u give some details about the structure n weightage of each section of CSQA.

Awaiting ur response

Thanks n regards,

Poonam Mathur


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i joined this group today......its gr8 to see the response u ppl have given for the queries.....i am gonna appear for the CSTE exam......can anyone send me the CBOK softcopy through mail ??? my id is tsrsubhasree@gmail.com....

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Hi Venki,


Can u plz send me the study material (zip file) at shivikarattan@yahoo.com.


Waiting for your early reply.


Thanks n regards 



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Hi Venki,

Can you please tell me where you are now (mean to ask which city you are now in)? I am interested to have the material. I am interested in writing the CSQA during the month of Dec-08.

My mail id is yegnes78@rediffmail.com. Would be very happy to have your mail id. Can you please send a test mail to this id.

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Hi ,

If anybody has any question( CSQA) papers please send me to my email address below






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Hi Venky,

Even I am preparing for CSQA Sep 2008.can you please too send me the CSQA material.

 My Mail Id:- Payal1183@gmail.com



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Hi Payal,

i'm aspiring to take the exam in Dec 2008. Can u forward the Cbok ebook if you have received on my mailid


i would be thankful to you.


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Hi Prabhakar - Please write to me at r.suri@live.com

Best wishes!!


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Can you share the CSQA materail my email id vanithasankaris@zylog.co.in

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Hi Vanitha,
Please visit the website www.softwarecertifications.org to register for the exam...Once you register for the exam by paying the required fees you would get the latest CBOK...

All The Best !!!

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Can you Question bank for CSQA. How many expaerience for wrote the CSQA Exam. I Have 2 yrs experience for Quality Department IS this enough? Can we wrote the CSQA Exam

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Hi Shivika,

 Can you please share CSQA book. You can send me to smilefouru@yahoo.com 

 That would be great help for me.


- Ram

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Hi All,

can you please send the latest CSQA study materil to these following addrs?




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hi, this is lavanya.

   can u please send material for me also. Can u tell me how much years of experience needed for csqa and cste exams.

  my mail id is padma_lavi@rediffmail.com



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HI guys,

Sorry some of you had asked for some info in the recent past to me but due to some assignments i was out of town and could nt visit our forum,

Those who had addressed me before if you still need any assistance please get in touch @ 99406 40123.

Even i am gng to take the exam by comin jul 09

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Hello Venky...

This is bandita here....I am planning for the CSQA exam by November.Please help be getting the CSQA materials and pleas share your experiences while preparing for the exam and giving exam.
You can mail me at bandita.agasti@gmail.com

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There are two levels for ISTQB exam. First is Foundation level and second is Advance level. To appear for Foundation level examination there is no requirement of any number of years experience. For any further queries contact me on vyankatesh17@gmail.com

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Hi Friends,

 I am planning to take CSQA certification this year. Can anyone send me the CBOK and Study material for CSQA Certification exam.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hey Venkat,

Could you please also forward me the CSQA material to my mail id satya.venkata@gmail.com

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Hi Malladi...

I have send u CSQA material on ur gmail ID...Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,
Could you pl send me teh CSQA and CSTE cbok to my mail id : envision@rocketmail.com.
My friend is planning to take cste and me csqa.
If possible send the question bank also.
Thanks in advance.


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Can you send me a zip file of CSTE study material on my mail id?

My mail id is poonam.gulhane@gmail.com



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Can you send me the info also.  I will be taking the exam march/april

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HI Can you pls send me the CSQA Material to my mail id deepak.jdk@gmail.com

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Hi Deepak...
Please visit the site www.softwarecertifications.org to get more details on the exam dates...This is where u need to schedule ur exam...

It is possible to take up the exam after 3 months...if u apply now...
Only associates who have 2 years of experience are eligile to take up CSQA...Wud also request u to pay the required fees...This wud help u to start studying since u have paid the fees...3 months preparation is required...So it wud be better u take up the exam after 3 months...

Hope i have answered ur questions...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am planning to give CSQA exam. Can you plz send study material to patil.vrunda.p@gmail.com

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am planning to take CSQA exam soon. Could you please sent me the CSQA CBOK and sample questions on my below e-mail id ?


Appreciate you help.



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Can you please send CSQA BOK to the following E-mail account

I have taken CTFL from ITSQB and would like to take on CSQA.

Any Help would be really appreciated.


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Can u plz send me the CSQA Material?
Id is chhavi_ie@yahoo.com

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Can you please send me the material too, it is very important to me, and can I pass the test with this material?

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Dear venkyy1983,

Sorry, but my email is (mwatar@yahoo.com) so please send me the csqa bank.

Thanks a lot in advance,

M KH Watar

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Hi Shivika,

Could you please send me the file too smileandlive78@gmail.ocm.

Thank you for your help.

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can u please send me a copy of csqa materials

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Can you pl send a zip copy of CSQA material and question bank? My id is zuminj@hotmail.com

Thanks a lot.