How to prepare for CSQA Exam ?

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CSQA requires you to have practiced QA profession for atleast 2 years. The exam tests your ability as a QA professional to deal with real life scenarios.  Make sure you meet the pre-requisites before you take the exam.

Make a start:

  1. Undoubtedly the first step is to acquire CBOK. Get more information from . Borrow from friend or library if that's easy.
  2. First Read the CBOK completely- Most Objective type questions are from this CBOK. First read CBOK once and then do 2-3 readings to completely familiaze yourself.

For the Objective Papers

  1. Prepare a list of simple objective questions based on the material .. each line may yeild one question.... for each chapter / Skill.
  2. The exam tests your ablility to tackle a situation, Exam looks at how you will face up to problems in day to day IT life.
  3. In most of the objective questions - they would be definitions. We need to be clear of all definitions say for E.g. What is Software Engineering Is it a Scientific Discipline 2. Systematic Discipline ... In such a case we will be puzzled - what exacly it is? both seem right answers - but the correct one will get a point. So we have to be very careful reading and understanding definitions.
  4. There will be questions outside the CBOK - we have to be careful to see that we have read and understood again most of the     definitions.
  5. Software Testing, difference between QA and QC, Metrics, Demings 14 points, Malcom Baldrige ...So to pass the exam we have to read and understand CBOK completely and read some supplimentary books on Metrics, Testing, Demings 14 points, Out of crisis for e.g. ..Anything that will help gain more knowledge.
  6. CSQA looks at knowing more rather than in depth. If some one asks you is there a difference between ReEnginnering and Reverse Engineering? , Then the CQA should be in a position to convince him what these two stand for - so the exam expects us to know More definitions.

For Subjective Questions.

  1. Understand the Theory given in the material ....Try and exptrapolate the thoertical Principles with what you are doing in real life.......
  2. Visit and Read as many websites on NET as possible ...(Specially those related to testing/QA/QC) .Look for Web Links on
  3. Read the Clasisic on Testing by Glenford Meyers (Cover to cover atleast twice)
  •  Read the book - software Testing in REal World by Edward KIt -- (Covers a lot of aspects of ISO, CMM and TQM, also )
  • Understand the basis of Demings Principles ..
  • Read books by Eliyahu Goldratt visit the website ...
  • Read some of the MBA material related to Quality Management / H. R. Management

But most important of all

  1. Join a discussion group and air out all your ideas conflicts doubts ..
  2. Get in touch with people and discuss practical work and how it differs from theory
  3. Try and explain the theory to some one in the same field .. i.e. Teach it ...(the best way of learning it ..)
  4. You will be given situations - most of them will come from your day to day experiences - You will be required to come up with a solutions
  5. Use Bullet points - Do not write history- be specific and to the point.
  6. Some Examples. • When you will stop testing?• They give scenario and you may be required to draw a Pareto or a cause and effect or a Histogram • What are The Measurements you will collect to help your Management. Each company has its own practice and defined procedure of doing. You can write one which you find meaningful.

General Suggestions:

• We have to be very calm that day- be cool - be ready to spare 5 hours with 10 minute break between papers.

Before Answering Descriptive type Questions,

  1. Read the questions thoroughly and understand that the Question is asking, accordingly frame your answers. You have 4.5 minutes approximately for each case study. Try and read the actual meaning .. one beyond the obvious .. Try and get to the heart of the matter
  2. If Question asked you to answer 1 ,2 ,3 then you have to answer all the three or in some cases it is a,b,c or i, ii, iii - some thing like. Make sure that You attempt everything. Also Your answers should be like this
  • First write 1 or a or i - as per the question - then below that write your answer - again Bulleted points.
  • Note that if a question asked you points 1,2,3 and you attempted only 1 and 2 or you included point 3 in point 2 - so the evaluator will defnitely will not give any credit. So Be and Be careful.
  • Note them down point wise -- brief precise and "To the Point". Doing so will fetch good marks. It will attract the evaluator.
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    Dhirendra Kumar's picture

    I want some faq question with answer of CSQA and CSTA.
    can you provide me..

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    Check the question bank section on this website. It has lots of questions and the answers also.

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    Can anybody share the sample papers- both Objective and subjective questions to prepare for CSQA exam.

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    Hi Sudhakar,

    I am going to appear for CSQA in Aug mid. However i face a typical problem. I have worked for around 7 years in testing, so reading CBOK is very interesting and i can relate but some of the theory part is very difficult and i dont seem to remember it even though i read it again and again. I am little apprehensive about the subjective questions..Can give me some tips on this. Like what if we are not able to cover or remember all the points etc..

    Also where can i practice for sample questions.

    My email is

    It will be a huge help to me if you gave ur valuable input


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    Hi Sudhakar,
    Can you please email me the CSTE Question bank to

    Thanks and really appreciate your help.