How much time is needed ? ( Sample Study Plan )

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Rememeber the PDCA cycle , Planning should precede all the work you do . So a proper plan is key to getting your CSQA certification. See the Sample plan below. However this is just to help you to prepare your own plan.

How much time is needed ?

Generally 60 days or 10 weeks are enough for most people. Considering that you have atleast 1 year experience in a CMMI level 5 company or 2 years otherwise.

Sample Study Schedule: 

  • 30-40 hours time per week. ( 3-4 hrs weekday and 6-8 hours on weekends ) 
  • For each Knowledge Domain (KD)  (i) Study from CBOK, (ii) Read External material for things you dont understand, (iii) Answer some Sample Objective (10-20) and Subjective questions. ( 3 - 6)

Week 1: Read Introductions about CSQA, Exam Etc. and Complete KD1.
Week 2: KD2, KD3.
Week 3: Revise KD1, KD2, KD3 and Solve questions. Your focus this week should be to get as much into Questions.

Week 4: KD5, KD6
Week 5: KD7. KD8
Week 6: Revise KD5 to KD 8 and Solve Objective and Subjective Questions.
Week 7: KD9, KD10
Week 8: Second Reading of Entire CBOK and answer as many questions as you can.
Week 9: Third Revision if needed OR continue Solving questions.
Week 10: Enough hard work Relax and recollect everything for the Grand Finale.


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Thank you very much for the response. It definitely helps me in deciding whether to take the exam in March slot or not.

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 It is very usefull for beginner...

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I have newly joined this group.Preparing for CSQA since last six months with my busy work schedule and found very ineffective preparation for the high target.

I have implemented this trick since last two weeks and found it 40% more efficient. Now i am able to scroll up faster. Definitely a good job. Thanks a lot for sharing such a streamlined access plan.Laughing


Thanks and Regards,

Vijayalakshmi Madala

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Thanks Vijaylaxmi. We are glad that it helped you. Do spread the word about in your friends so they can also benefit.Cool

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kindly forward me CSQA exam related study materials plz.

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Hey,  This is really useful. wonderful works.

 Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for such useful plan.

I have just registered for the exam and was thinking for last 2-3 days, where to start from ..This plan is really a good guidance.

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Hi Vbhasin,

I am new to portal. I would really appritiate if you could please email me current cbox for csqa. My email is


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Al those who r planning to give the exam in oct 2010, can join together

As all have the same goal