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  • You can purchase the book at Member & Nonmember price: $100 each ~ Hard Copy / $60 each ~ CD
    • If you signup and pay $350. You will recieve CD as it is included in the price after you have been accepted.

Note: You do NOT have to select the exam date while applying. You have one year's time after your candidacy is accepted to choose exam date. Its recommended that you signup after you feel comfortable about the preparing on time.

  • The exam consists of four papers, two objective papers (45 minutes each) and two subjective papers (75 minutes each). Duration is 4 hours and to pass you need overall average of 75% on the exam.

  • You will need to read stuff outside CBOK to clear subjective questions. You can find the answers to subjective questions & question bank on this site. Feel free to post your questions in forums.
  • See the QA books section here. It has list of books you can refer for your exam.

FAQ: If I have only 2-3 years experience in Quality can I pass  the exam.?

Answer: CSQA tests your ability to handle practical situations mainly in subjective questions. If you have hands-on experience for 2-3 years in Quality you should be able to clear the exam. If you have just started in quality then it is upto your individual ability which you can determine after reading some questions on this site. The pre-requisite of the exam is that you have atleast 1 year of experience in Quality. 


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Can there be more subjective answers for CSTE?

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If you have questions, please post it in forums, someone will reply

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I am working as a Help Desk Exec. in a company (Non BPO). which course will be suitable for me.... I did my in maths. i want to do such course which will be beneficial for my growth... please tell me the amount aswell in indian currency. and how can i pay?......... waiting for early reply...

Thanks & Regards

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Can u let me know what certification are u exactly looking out for...So that i can show u the exact path...Cause i m not clear which certification are u exactly looking out for..There are different streams where u can Testing,Processes,Management

Can u please tell me in which stream are are u exactly looking out to get metioned above...

Do let me know if u have any other questions.

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

This is Archana here, I am currently working in the US in QA. It has been almost a year now. I have taken the ISTQB certification. I am studying for the CSQA Certification. I wanted to know details on how to study for this book. I have the CBOK and there is so much information in there. Its kind of intimidating. Do you know of any classes that are taking place. Maybe you have some materials that you have that might help me? Also, I was told by people who have taken this exam before that besides the CBOK book, you will need to read additional materials as there will be questions asked from the reference materials. Can you tell me exactly what these other materials are? Has the CBOK book changed recently or update? How do I know I have the latest copy?
I am new to the QA field, but I thorughly enjoy it and understand it ( not quite thoroughly though), I enjoyed taking my ISTQB certification. IS CSTE the same that ISTQB? WHat is the difference between these certifications?Please let me know. My gmail id is

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Hi Archana,
Great to hear from u...
Archana...CBOK is the only source which wud help u sail ur CSQA exam...Dnt refer any other material than CBOK...All the questions come from CBOK only...Jst plan out ur studies...May be u can take a week to finish reading each domain...Make sure that u have read the entire CBOK 2-3 times...bfore u take up the exam...This wud help u sail ur exam...

No need to join any institute...Institutes giving CSQA training wud usually only give an overview of each domain...
More over since we r working professionals we find it hard to get time to read CBOK after we reach home from work...And it's only during the weekends we can devote more time...So the conclusion is do not join any institute for CSQA training...The only benefit of joining any institute for CSQA training is that u would get a bit confidence in going for the exam...Else rest all study preparations u need to do it urself...

I have already send u the latest CBOK(Version 6.2 -2007)
To get the latest copy u need to register for the exam...The moment u register(Take up an exam date by paying the fees $350) u would get the latest CBOK...U would find it after u login with ur credentials in 'CBOK Manuals'(

ISTQB covers basic testing concepts...ISTQB wud cover only objective questions...
CSTE on the other hand talks more in detail...U would have objective as well as subjective questions...CSTE talks more of testing and few management concepts...
CSQA is for those professionals who wanna enhance their career on the Quality front..

Exam pattern for CSQA & CSTE are same...(2 Objective Question Set & 2 Subjective Question Set)
Each objective set wud have 50 Questions and each Subjective Set wud have 10 Subjective Questions...For each Objective paper u would have 45 mins and for each Subjective paper u would have 1 Hr 15 mins...

Hope i have answered all ur questions...

If u still have questions u can shoot out a mail to me..

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar
I am new in quality domain ,preparing for CSQA .I will be obliged we you can give me some guideline wrt to it.
Thanks in anticipation
Shweta Choudhary Pathak

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Hi Shweta...
Can u let me know ur mail ID...preferably gmail ID...
Wud send u the study material on the same also few details abt the certification exam on the same...

Also do let me know if u have any particular questions related to CSQA Certification...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am Kanchan Roy here from Kolkata. I work in a MNC as a software engineer. It will be great if you please forward me the latest CBOK material for CSQA and other materials if any you have. My mail id is

Thanks in advance !!!

Kanchan Roy

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Hi Kanchan,
Have dropped a mail on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

My name is Shamna.I have around four years of work experience in the IT industry.I worked as a Business Systems Analyst(for Information Security Control and Compliance team)in an Indian MNC.My role included Quality realted process changes,preparation of documents and metrics for SOX audits and compliance monitoring,analysis and reporting for process improvements.I have taken a small break now and am trying to get back to work.I also would like to change to the Quality Assurance domain,so I thought taking a certification in CSQA would help me in achieving the same.

I would like to enquire if my previous job profile would make me eligible for CSQA?
Please forward me the latest CBOK materials,sample papers with solutions and previous solved papers to my gmail id :

I would be really grateful if you could include the names of reference books,sites and articles which would help me in CSQA preparation.

Many Thanks n advance.Hoping to hear from you at the earliest.


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Hi Shamna...
Have dropped a mail on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

Thankyou for the immediate response, advice and study materials.

I will surely get back to you with doubts during my self study process.

Thanks and Regards,

Sudhakar Packiamuthu's picture

Hi Shamna...
Ur most welcome...

All The Best !!!

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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I am Naveen and I am working for an Indian company. I am basically from financial services industry. I would like to take the CSBA exam. Is the material still CBOK for that or do I have to buy any additional books.
My mail I'd is Could you kindly send the material to me.

Thanks a lot for the site and the information. Guys like you make the Internet tick.

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I am very interesting in the csqa certification. I would like to know if anyone can send me the cbok and related material to my email. My email is
I appreciate your help.


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Hi Sudhakar,

I am in testing professional from last 4 years and now I want to switch as an Quality consultant rather then being strict myself to technical part of testing.Please suggest me the path forward for it.I am looking for CSQA,Please send me the materials and path forward for certification.

Thanks and Regards,

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I am newbie to the site.i am working exptensively in software testing from past few years and i want to pursue CSQA cerification to graduate myself to quality process,control and complainces.

I found that the basic information available on this site is quite useful.Thanks for supporting many testers out there

Can i request you to send me CBOK of CSQA
My mail Id


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CSQA sample papers
Can anyone mail me the latest sample papers for the exam CSQA? I have opted for this exam and it will be great help if u mail them to me at my email ID

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Hi Sudhakar,

I have 3 yrs exp in Quality and am planning to undertake CSQA certification in Dec. Could you send me CBOK of CSQA and related materials pls?

Anu P.

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Hi All,

I am taking up CSQA exam this november. Can anyone send me CSQA related materials please(CBOK or latest sample papers for the exam). It would be of great help.

You can mail me at

Thanks Sincerely

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I want to prepare for CSQA. Can someone please share the study material and the CBOK. My email id is

Thank you...

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hi want to registered for CSQA exam for November 2011,
i am a working professional and work 9 hrs a day. I have to write this exam , since its been added to my goals for this years performance management.

Do you think i have enough time to study, and what should be my strategy, i am ready to give 3-4 hrs a day to prepare?

Please advice?

What do i need to register myself for exam and does the text book comes with the registration??

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I am planning to take up CAST , CASQ exam soon, is it possible to share
Study Material ?pl forward me with latest material and question bank to my mail id
Thanks in advance