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Myself ramesh working as a QA engg in an MNC

willing to go for certification.


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I have applied for CSQA certification and will be writing the exam on march 23rd 2007. Can some one please guide me so as to how to proceed with the preparation 

Thanks & Regards,
Sanjay Sunkara

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Does anyone one have any idea as to whether any institute in chennai is giving training for CSQA Certification.if so please let me know about that.iam appearing for CSQA Exam in march 24,2007.
Thanks and Regards,

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Sanjay, what happened with ur exam on feb 23,2007?

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I am looking for some training centres in Chennai who provide training for SQA. If anyone knows about any such institute pls let me know. My mail id is

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I'm searching for a training centre in Gurgaon who provide training of winrunner,loadrunner & IBM Rational tools.If anyone have idea abt for such a centre plz mail me at

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Hi ppls !

i m an sqa engg. and i want to attempt CSQA examination could any one please send me material and CSQA guide to my id

and also sample papers?

what is the eligibility for CSQA paper?

i have a 4 years BS degree in computer science and working as a SQA eng. for 6 months in a well known company can i attmpt CSQA examintaion?




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Please anybody tell the information that in chennai -any training centres for CSTE/CSQA ISTQB certification please let me know.i need help.want to go for certification.

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could you recommend any free qa-related talks or presentation in video format?

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by QA related talks. Like what topics it should cover ?

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 My name is Sumeet.

 I would like to do CSQA certification course. Can somebody guide me through the same.

 I am staying in Poona.

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HI Sumit,

I m Vaishali, i m also intrested in CSQA. could you please give me some details. i m from Pune as well.

Please let me know ASAP.....

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I'm new to CSTE and want to write this exam. Could you please send me the related material and guidance please like book CBOK of CSTE etc? My email id is

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Hi Yogita,

I did send u the CSTE material...But it has bounced back...Can u please send me ur gmail ID or company ID...I shall resend the study material again...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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 I have been with my present organization for the past 9 months. Here I look after the Content Management for the organization's Intranet and Internal applications developed for variuos teams - mainly HR.

Besides this, i have been appointed as a Functional Representative for my team. This enables me to set standard processes for CMMi Level 3 organization. I have undergone a 3 day intensive training on Introduction to CMMi version 1.2.

 Besides this i am an active member of the Software Process Engineering Group.

In my previous organization (1 year), i was part of the user Interface development team for the client applications. 

My qyeries are -

1. What should i do now, if i want to move into Quality division as an SQA (Software Quality Auditor)?

2. Which books, links, communities can i refer to enhance my knowledge?

3. Are there any certifications that I can clear?

4. At my present level of quality experience, should i wait before i make a profile switch or wait till I gain some more experience and knowldege?

 I have done my BCA and PGDM in Systems.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Saumya,

1) Since u r already in ur job where in u set the standard processes for CMMi Level Org...& u r also an active member of the Software Process Engineering Group...CSQA certification wud surely help u...Certifications are always a Plus point if u have it...It wud give u a path to make ur career in quality...U have asked what do u need to do if u wanna move in to Quality Division as a Software Quality Auditior...I guess u can directly approach the HR of ur company for this position since u have been working in QA...Also do ask them if u get CSQA certified...Would it be really beneficial to get the role of Software Quality Auditor.

2) I wud suggest u to do a certification...This wud help u in getting certified ...Wud also enhance ur knowledge...U can also highlight the same on ur resume...In terms of CSQA certification u can jst refer the CBOK...This is the study material which u need to refer for ur exam...

3) As i have already said CSQA certification is a good choice for u...CSQA talks more of processes...& a bit of management...It also covers few aspects of testing(Which have been covered in CSTE)

4) I wud suggest u to carry on with ur current organization...Complete ur CSQA certification in the mean while and then switch the organization...May be in the mean while u can get the right opportunity in ur current organization itself...But Certification does help when u switch...MNC's always prefer Certified associates...

Hope i have answered most of ur questions...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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I'm new to CSTE & CSQA and want to write these exams. Could you please send me the related material and guidance please like book CBOK of CSTE etc? My email id is

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Hi Mirza...
Please make sure which exam wud u really go for...I mean CSTE Or CSQA...CSTE is for associates who work in the testing front...Where as CSQA is for those associates who work on the process front....If u have plans to take up both the exams...U have to take it separately on different dates...
Please do let me know ur interest...Wud send u the study material accordingly....

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

Its great to see that people like you are here to extend helping hand for those who are seeking the certifications.
I am too willing to take CSQA certification exam and request you to provide me maximum help from you. My email id is or
Thanks a lot in adnace.....

Sushil Vishwakarma

Sudhakar Packiamuthu's picture

Hi Sushil...
Have dropped a mail on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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hi,i am new to this.i also want to pursue courses provided by i will be thankful to you if u could help me,thanks.

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I am really gratefull to see this post of yours', may i also request a study material for CSQA? Appreciate all the help SIr :)

Please kindly send it to my email

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am new to this community...Your help is greately apptreciable....

I have worked as a software developer for 3 years..then due to some personal reason, I took a career break for 2 years...Still I have not joined anyone....Now, I would like to change my career path to Testing and I think CSTE will help m e in this....Can you please send me any materials that you have, regarding this certification to my you...

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am new to the community also, I will be pursuing CSQA and would like to review any material you can provide. My e-mail is

Thank you kindly.

Bernardo Artola

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I am planning to go for CASQ this year (2010).Can anyone please mail me the latest CBOK at or let me know the link from where i can download it and get all the details about CASQ.thanks in advance.

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I am also planning to go for CASQ. I am done with my ISTQB foundation level. Eager to dive deeper into testing. Let me know any details about the exam, its syllabus, mock papers/training centers in Pune. I am currently working with Uniken systems, Pune as a Test Engineer.

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Hi, Do you have any sample papers or training material for ISTQB foundation level certification? If yes, kindly forward on this e-mail:


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Hello Kanika

I jus registered myself in this Blog recently.It would be very grateful if you cud sent me also copy of the casq cbok.
I am planning to write by Sept 2010.If you have any materials supporting the CASQ Exam kindly send them to my id:

Appreciaitng your immediate response..
thanks in advance

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Hello all,

I am working as a Software Quality Analyst in Lionbridge,Mumbai. I have an experience of 1 year in the domain of software quality assurance. I am planning to do a CASQ certification in December 2010, so I would like to request all of you to contribute training material, question banks,sample mock tests for the same. My e-mail id is

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Sonal,

Am planning to do CASQ certification in December. I would like to request if you have any training material, sample mock tests for the exam. My e-mail id is


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I am planning to take the CSQA certification exam. Could you please provide me with some study material. My email Id is

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Hi Everyone..
could anyone please send me CSTE material I am planning to appear ASAP. Any sort of help is welcomed and most appreciated.
Email ID:
Thanks in advance..

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Hi Sudhakar

I am currently residing in Pune and am looking for CSQA training center in Pune that could make me exam ready for November 2010 exam

Please provide your inputs ASAP


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This is Kalyana and have been working for QA. Would like to take the CSTE exam. Can someone please guide me.

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I am working in QA/QC. I would like to take CSTE certification.Can you please provide the latest CSTE CBOK to my mailid please? My Id is
Thanks in advance,

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I am planning to take the CSQA certification exam. Could you please provide me with some study material. My email Id is


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Dear All

QAI is launching Test Prep Webinars on CSTE starting 11 Apr.

All interested participants can register online..the cost is as low as $50..

Please write to me at for more information.

Kind Regards

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I am working in server admin and willing to move in testing field.So planing to give ISTQB exam.So can you send me the latest dumps with answer for ISTQB exam and exam guidance.Thanks in advance.My email id is

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Dear All,

I am new to this forum. I am planning to give ISTQB advanced level certification exam.

Advance level have 3 parts
1) Functional Analyst
2) Technical Analyst
3) Test Manager

I am planning to prepare for Functional Analyst. Can any one help me know that in understading that in order to be a advance level certified one has to clear all the three levels or each of them are individual certifications.

How one should interpret this. Also I am in need of study material and sample papers for ISTQB advance level. Can any one who has already appeared for this exam assist me on this. my email is


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Hy everyone I started working as a QA have no clue what so ever of what to do..the company hasnt giving me enough training, but I need the job. Can anyone give me free info material, I could use..I would really appreciate email is;

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I would like to start my career in QA. Would be great if anyone can provide my with the materials to study. My email address

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I am in the same league. I am also starting my career in QA. I am planning to take the CSAQ exam. Could you pls forward me the CBOK and also some sample questions if you have any??
My email id is


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Hello all,

I am planning to do CASQ certification in December, so I would like to request all of you to contribute training material,sample mock tests for the same. My e-mail id is


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I am planning to take a test on december too did you receive any sample mock test or any material help from anyone.. can you please share if you receive anything.
I just register yesterday and i am blank where should i start it from...

Do you have any idea which part of CBOK book should i strat studying from ???

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Dear Team,

I'm working as a quality analyst and right now i'm trying to find out any certifications that i can do at this moment,
i do not have any quality related certification therefore suggest me the next certification that would help me grow up in my career.
Also request you to send me some free course details which i can make use of

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Hi Sudhakar,
I have 6 years of experience. I worked as Java developer and later moved to manual testing and other process related activities.
Recently i am at U.S for few years. I wanted to do Quality Certification and do a job here. Please guide me for certification. I am new to this forum. Also, guide me for relevant links to view on this site. Share me the necessary materials like CBOK. Thanks in advance.


Jacinto's picture

Seema did you getthe CBOK material

Seema Sharma's picture

Hi Jacinto,
i am waiting for CBOK material and other useful information to start my certification preparation.

my email id: