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Can I get some help on the study material for CSTE?
Please email the study material to

Thank you

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CSQA sample papers
Can anyone mail me the latest sample papers for the exam CSQA? I have opted for this exam and it will be great help if u mail them to me at my email ID

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Can somebody mail me CSQA study material. My email id is

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Hi All,

Im a new member in this website. Im currently working as Software Quality Analyst and I really want to take the CSQA exam. But first I want to understand what is the difference between CASQ - certified Associate in software quality and CSQA - certified software quality analyst. I noticed there are more resource for CSQA compare to CASQ. But when I search the web CASQ is the first exam that I need to take before I can proceed to CSQA. Please help to clarify and also please advice me where I will start so I can also get the certification. Thanks a lot in advance..

sorry if I have been posting my queries in different I'm a newbie here..

Can someone send some resources...I can use so I can start reviewing for the exam?

ann :)

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I want to appear for CSQA Exam please let me know from where I can get CBOK for CSQA Exam Preparation.

My email id is

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I am new to this site, please some one help me in getting some material to prepar for CSQA Exam.

Please mail me at

Siva Prasad

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My name is Aneel and currently working as Sr QA Analyst. I want to write CSQA or CSTE exam to see growth in my career and my aim is to become QA Lead. Could anyone of you please suggest me which certification is bettter CSQA or CSTE? And also could you please send me a copy of CSQA CBOK and CSQA study material to my email ID I have CSTE CBOK with me. Any suggestions will be helpful for preparing CSQA or CSTE exam.


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Hi there!
We are looking for the services of a certified software tester - to evaluate and verify a software application that has been developed for us.

Any suggestions ??

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Hi Claire,

Pls contact me at for your requirement if its not too late.


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Dear All,

I am a new member to this site.Can anyone share the CSQA study material?

Thanks in advance.

Here is my email -


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Dear All,
I need CSQA study material. I have nearly 4 months experience in QA. But I need to study all of these concepts. If possible send me anything about it to my mail_ID.

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Can you kindly share study materials for the CSQA certification.

Model papers - Is anyone appeared for CSQA exam conducted last week i.e.march26

Kindly mail to

Thanks in advance

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Could you please send me CSQA related material to


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eligibility for CSQA certification has an AND clause as
"Are working, or have worked at any time within the prior 18 months, in the fi eld covered by the certifi cation designation"

-> i have 3+ years of experience in product development ,
would this suffice the criteria above.

Please Suggest

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Can someone provide me CSQA Material? My email id is


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can anyone provide the latest CSQA CBOK and objective questions. I am planning to take CSQA this year.

my email id:


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Could you please mail CSQA CBOK and any other material to

Many thanks,

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pls can someone send me CSTE and CSQA CBOK material. my email address is

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Hi all,
Please confirm the CBOK version that you are studying for clearing CSTE.
Is it the 2006 guide to CSTE CBOK?


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Can someone please send the latest CSQA past papers. I am planning to do the exam this September 2011

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can someone please send me the CSQA material to my mail

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Hi...I am interested in taking the CSQA CERT and was wondering if someone can send me the study material or atleast guide me the right way to get it...would be really helpful my email address is

Thank you

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Hi am new to this site. Actually i am interested in taking the CSQA exam . Could anyone please tell me when is the next exam due?My e-mail add is

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Can anyone send me the CSQA study material and latest Questionnaires.I plan to take the exam in Aug 2014
My email ID is