Master test plan & Test plan

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Master test plan :

Test plan and master test plan are same for small projects. There is no need for two documents. Master Test plan will actually contain the details of individual tests to be run during the testing cycle like Unit test, System test, Beta test etc. MTP will categorize and describe each test. It also outlines pass-fail criteria, indicate the planned run day or week; and log pass-fail test results. MTP provides a quick-reference tracking document for what has been tested, what has failed, what is left to test etc .  MTP can be used for all projects but for small projects it can be named as test plan/test case.

For eg:  Master test plan may be as follows

Test plan for Unit Testing

  1.  test item
  2.  features to be tested
  3.  features not to be tested
  4.  test approach
  5.  item pass/fail criteria
  6.   test delivertables
  7.   testing tasks

Test plan for System Testing




Test plan for system - integration Testing




Test plan

Outlines the details of each test carried out in the project. The test plan consists of the following: 

  1. Test Roles and Responsibilities
  2.      Items to be Tested
  3.      Test Strategy
  4.      Test Approach
  5.    Test Environment
  6.      Test Tool
  7.      Test Schedule
  8.      Deliverables
  9.        Risks/Contingencies
  10.       Assumptions
  11.     Approval


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Is there a sample test plan that details the above said points?

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Test Plan Template:

(Name of the Product)

Prepared by:

(Names of Preparers)




2.1 Objectives
2.2 Tasks


4.0 Testing Strategy
4.1 Alpha Testing (Unit Testing)
4.2 System and Integration Testing
4.3 Performance and Stress Testing
4.4 User Acceptance Testing
4.5 Batch Testing
4.6 Automated Regression Testing
4.7 Beta Testing

5.0 Hardware Requirements

6.0 Environment Requirements
6.1 Main Frame
6.2 Workstation

7.0 Test Schedule

8.0 Control Procedures

9.0 Features to Be Tested

10.0 Features Not to Be Tested

11.0 Resources/Roles & Responsibilities

12.0 Schedules

13.0 Significantly Impacted Departments (SIDs)

14.0 Dependencies

15.0 Risks/Assumptions

16.0 Tools

17.0 Approvals