What's does this site have for CSTE?

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For CSTE professionals this site has following resources.

  1. Many Subjective answeres in QA articles section is common for CSQA & CSTE. The idea is to understand how to answer the question and how to approach it. Subjective questions test your ability to handle real world scenarios. You will need to make assumptions, quote from CBOK, choose the correct methodology etc.
  2. QA links have links to CSTE Resources
  3. Forums is the Highlight of this site. You can network with other CSTE aspirants to help each other.
  4. QA books section has names to many good books on Software testing.

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Hi team,

   have planned to take up cste exams.Where do i find exam schedules and registeration process?

Can someone out here help me out initially on this?


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Hi Team,

Can anyone help me how to take the CSTE exam, I have almost 3 years of Experience in SOftware testing...