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medoezz's picture

Can someone provide me CSQA Material
i need it to prepare for the exam
my mail:medo_ezz_ezz@hotmail.com

kinimanish's picture

hi, can some please fwd the study material.
Email id : kini.manish@gmail.com

Ramya Swaminathan's picture

if you got the material, pls pass on to ramsvaradarajan@gmail.com. Planning to appear in sep/oct 2011.

Ramya Swaminathan's picture

HI all,
if any one has CSQA latest material, pls pass on to ramsvaradarajan@gmail.com. Planning to appear in sep/oct 2011.

Deepak_Mathur's picture

HI All,

If any one has CSQA cbok 2011, pls pass on to mathur.k.deepak@gmail.com.

Planning to appear in Sep/Oct 2011.

praveena v's picture

if any of u got the CSQA material and question bank, pls mail me to chweetnana@gmail.com. am planning to take the exam by oct/dec 2011.

miatoby's picture

On a mock exam,the following was written: You are the QA manager. There are well-defined standards, process, procedures, etc. in place. Your development team strictly followed and produced the product, but the customer is dissatisfied, as the product was delivered very late. (schedule overrun) and over-budget. Also the customer was not happy with the functioning. What would you do now?

How should this be answered? Should there be reference to the failure cost, review the procedures/processes to see what went wrong where? Please advise...thanks

miatoby's picture

I found several objective question papers, but no answers were provided. Does anyone know of these papers? If so, can the answers be supplied? (objective paper 1, first question- to ensure effectiveness of checklists, checklists should have only yes and no responses. True or false?

mohammad.alfaris's picture

Hello everyone,

I have 1 year experience in SQA, and I am planning to take the CSQA in Feb 2012.
Could you send me CBOK of CSQA, questions bank and the related materials please?

Mohammad AL Faris.
email: m.t.alfaris@gmail.com

sasianitha@gmail.com's picture

I have 7 years of experience in software testing, i am planning to do CSQA in Feb 2012. Could you please send me the CBOK and related materials of CSQA?

Thanks in advance

My email id is: sasianitha@gmail.com

manjupadmajag's picture

Can anyone send me CSQA question bank and guide me how to prepare for exam
My email ID: manjupadmajag@gmail.com

miatoby's picture

Has anyone taken the Webinar for the CSQA course? If so, can you forward to me the assignment and essay questions? miaandgo@yahoo.ca

SQA_D's picture


Can someone provide me CSQA Material(Dumps,study material,CBOK).That will be very helpful.


chetan.bhavsar's picture

Hello All,

I am planning to have a CSQA certification.
All are requested to pls share the cbok or any other relevant material for CSQA.

Thanks in advance.
my mail id is: chetan.bhavsar83@gmail.com


qaperson's picture

Hi, I have about 9 yrs IT experience mainly in Dev but I have dabbled in QA effort as part of being Project Lead. I now wish to make a full- fledged shift to QA Process. I am unable to get a foot in the door(looking for a fresh start after leaving old job) and I am hoping doing CSQA certification will help. Can you pls advise on what is the best way to go about this? Registering on the website and studying from CBOK was my planned way to do this but when I saw this website where people are asking for study material, I am frankly confused. Don't we get this anyway when we register? Will I need a lot of additional study material? Pls advise how I need to study for this certification as I am very confused.

Thanks in advance.

Gandhi's picture


Like many of you I am planning to take CSQA examination sometime this year. Can one of you please email me the CSQA CBOK.pdf along with other related test prep materials. It would be very helpful and much appreciated. My email id is lavnpr@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.


qaperson's picture

Hi Sudhakar, I had posted a question earlier on how to prepare for CSQA exam but did not get any answer. I have seen that you have helped many people on this site. I am totally new to CSQA and would like to know how to prepare for it. I will register and get the latest CBOK but where can I get question dumps etc. Hoping to get some help here.
Pls email me at parvathyjnair@yahoo.com


nishantchakole's picture

Hi I am planning for the CSQA exam. Please provide me some notes and questions @ nishantchakole@gmail.com

vivjac's picture

I am totally new to CSQA and would like to know how to prepare for it. I have the latest CBOK but where can I get questions and answers. Pls email me @ vivjac@yahoo.com

prav936's picture

Dear All,

I have experience of 3 years as Test Engineer ( IT company) and then 2 years experience and still working in a Bank in IT dept. Please suggest me whether CSQA or CSTE is better?

Please drop me a mail at pravsmailid@gmail.com

Praveen A

Sharmila Vijayaravind's picture


Am planning to take up my CSQA exam soon, is it possible to share some materials for CSQA exam?

you can mail me @ akiathrayee@gmail.com

Thanks in Advance!

saranyakannika's picture

iam planning to do CSTE exam coming year..pl forward me with latest material and question bank to my mail id.. saranyakannika@yahoo.co.in or reply me so that i can collect it directly..

vjmaxx@gmail.com's picture


I Am planning to take up my CSQA exam soon, is it possible to share
1. The latest CBOK.
2. Study Material for CSQA exam?

you can mail me at vjmaxx@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards,
Vijay Choudhary

amandali's picture

I have a 2006 cbok with me...I want to know if that is teh latest one or if you can guide me to the latest material link that would be of immense help.....my contactis avanthi.mandali@gmail.com

Belyan's picture


can you send me book and I will check if that is latest version.
My email is imilosavljevic@gmail.com

Thanx m8 ;)

jagz's picture

Cn anyone help me out sharing csqa qusetions.
please forward me on cjagrati@gmail.com

Belyan's picture

Hi there,

Can you forward me some material if you got anyone.
My email is ivan.m.milosavljevic@gmail.com