CSQA exam material and question bank

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Hi Friends,

Can any one forward me the question bank as well exam material for csqa exam.






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Hi Im also acquirring CSQA and I need your material, please send me to my email aries_0468@yahoo.com

Your Help is Highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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Can you please send a copy of any CSQA sample test material? That would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
- Bruce Yates
email: bruce.yates@comcast.net

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I have recently joined the forum. i want to appear for CSQA, on softwarecertification.com site, i saw CASQ certification details also. I am not able to decide which certification will be better for me CSQA, or CASQ. Kindly help me. Also please let me know if you have CSQA CBOK.

Looking forward for your help.
Thanks & regards

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Hi Neetu...
As per my knowledge...CASQ is some what similar to CSQA...But the syllabus is much more vast in CSQA as compare to CASQ...Moreover in CSQA there are 4 examination papers... 2 Subjective and 2 Objective...
Where as in CASQ u have only 2 Objective papers...

CSQA wud cost u $350...
Where as CASQ wud cost u $200...

Go for CSQA...CSQA is much more popular & recognized than CASQ...

Please register for the exam on the site by paying the reqd fees...This would help u to get the latest CBOK...

Hope i have answered all ur questions...

Do let me know if u have any questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hello Sudhakar,
Thanks alot for the information.

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I have joined this form few days before as i did attend an ISO 9000:2008 internal auditor training. could you pls send me the CBOK of CSQA and the study material. at present i have been working as QA in MNC and our is sponsoring me this certification. Pls do send the requested details at tanzypash@gmail.com if you can send the zip copy i will be thankful to you - Thanks

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hi naushad:
i can send you the cbook pdf file but as i understand you still have to register for candidacy from http://www.softwarecertifications.org/

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Hi Naushad,
I am planning to take CSQA, can you please share the study material and sample questions papers/ CBOK.My email address is sshishir@hotmail.com.
Thanks in advance.


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Can you pl send a zip copy of CSQA material?My id is anisqa@gmail.com


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I'm planning to take CSQA exam in next few months. Can you please send me the copy of CSQA material ?

Thanks & Regards

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I also interested in obtaining the CSQA materials, would you please forward them to me as well at bakrabuzir@yahoo.com.


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Hi I am planning to appear CSQA but have absolutely no idea on how to start. It would be great if someone can send the materials to my id please at : shrija.patnaik@gmail.com

Thank u in anticipation,

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Hi Vipin...

I m muskan from pune looking for csqa in sept 2008...could you please let me know if u got any updates on same...

will u please help me for study material as well....u can mail me on csqa08@gmail.com....



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If u have received any material on CSQA do send it across to me.

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Hi ,

   This is Seema, I am also a CSTE aspirant. Could anyone please send me the copy of the CBOK . My id is seema_tit@yahoo.com

Thanks in Advance, 



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Hi Seema - saw your blog. For help/guidance please write to me at r.suri@live.com

I've been guiding youngsters for CSQA, CSTE, ISTQB and PMP exams from my residence at Chennai for some years now.

Best wishes!!


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Hi Suri,

I am also preparing for CSQA certification please send me the CSQA study materials and also Cbok to my email id ejaz4540@yahoo.com
I'd really appreciate your help in this matter

Thank you


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Hi Suri,

I have started CSQA preparation and so far so good. I am able to answer objective well but the subjective questions, it is very difficult to relate them to the CBOK guide. Could you give me some guidlines/tips on what to look for in subjective questions and how to find out the underneath concepts they are asking for?

Thanks in advance

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Hi VVM...
This happens with almost mnost of the aspirants who take up CSQA/CSTE certifications...I also did face this problem...
Only solution here is to keep reading CBOK continously till u take up the exam...Mark the important sentences and mug them up and then try to put up the same and eloborate them...If you try to recollect all the things which u have read in CBOM...It wud be very difficult to recollect them all...So jst mug up important sentences/POints...
Also try to answer subjective questions with bullets(POints)...So that u score good...

Hope i have answered ur questions...

All The Best !!!

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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HAi seema

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Hi people,

If any one has access to any question banks for CSQA please pass it on to me too. My id is rishabh.iimk@gmail.com. I am writing the exam on Dec 13, 2008





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Hi Rishabh...I have forwaded u few sample questions on ur gmail ID (rishabh.iimk@gmail.com)Hope u find them helpful…Please make sure that u r thorough with CBOK…Do refer the sample questions…But its very rare that the questions get repeated…But I assure u that all the questions comes only from CBOK…So it’s very important that u r thorough with CBOK…Since the portion is very vast it’s equally important that u have read CBOK atleast 3 times bfore u appear for the exam.All The Best Once Again…


Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hello Sudhakar,

I have yet not received the documents. I am requesting third time. Can you please email the documents to rajesh9pl@rediffmail.com and rajesh9pl@gmail.com?



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Hi Rajesh, 

you may get the CSQA question papers at http://www.qasigma.com/2009/01/csqa-question-papers.html


Thanks n Best Regards,


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Hi Rajesh,

I have send u CSQA CBOK & Question Bank on ur gmail ID & rediffmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

Can u send me sample question to Id wahidkhaleel@gmail.com.Kindly do the needful.

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Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Please send me question bank to ksekha@yahoo.com

Appreciate your help

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Hi Sudhakar,

can you send me the CSQA material on my gmail id sunitjodhawat@gmail.com


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Hi Sudhakar,

I am planning to appear for CSQA. Please provide me with CSQA CBOK, Question bank and other materials which you may feel are important. I would also like to take your suggestions on how to prepeare for this, i.e. schedule, timeline etc.


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Hi Suman,
I did send u CSQA materials on ur rediffmail ID...But it bounced back...Can u let me know ur gmail ID...Wud send u CSQA materials on the same...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am Mangala, I am planning to take the csqa exam on 16th this month.Can you please send me sample questions and important tips to my ID mangalachanda@gmail.com. This would be of great help.
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Hi Mangala...
I have send you the question bank and few tips abt how do you need to approach for CSQA exam...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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I am planning to take up CSQA ,it will be great if anyone can mail me CBOK and study material which can act as offical guideline and syllabus for study action.

My mail id:swatideswal@gmail.com

Thanks a lot

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Hi guys

IF anybody is having any question banks for 2009(CSQA) then please send it it to my id.

My id is ridhika.g@gmail.com
I would highly appreciate any info on the coming paper dates and its exam preparation.


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Hi All,

I am new to portal. I am preparing for CSQA. I would really appritiate if you could please email me current cbok for csqa and question bank
My email is writebansal@yahoo.com


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Hi Shivika,

I am also looking for CSQA Study Material and old question papers .

Thnxs in advance and i have one more doubt if we prepare from now for jan exam is it sufficient .

My mail id is jayachandra24@gmail.com

pls mail  the materials and valuable tips.

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I am also preparing for CSQA Mar 09. Please someone send me the sample papers/previous papers  and any other material required for preperation


 Thanks in anticipation

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Hi Vvulchi,

Can you please send me ur email ID...I could forward u few sample papers which i have...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

All The Best !!!

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am also planning to take up CSQA, can you please send me the CBOK and sample question papers for the same.

Please mail me at karlin_t@yahoo.co.in


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Hi Vipin,

If yoy get them please pass it on to me will do the same if get it.



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Hi Fida,

Which exam material are u looking out for...CSQA or CSTE...Send me ur mail ID...I shall send u the required material to u...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar

I am planning to take the CSQA exam and saw your post on this site . Will really appreciate if you can forward me the CSQA question bank at gurjeetbuttar@gmail.com


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Hi Sudhakar, Can you please send me CSQA past subjective questions with answers? My ID is sreeni22@yahoo.com

I appreicate your help.

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i have joinned the CSQA community today. It's been nice to see how we all are helping each other by providing study metarials, sufggestions etc.

I am having 5 years of experience as a software Quality Enginner. I am planning to opt for CSQA certification exam in the last week of March, 2009. This website has helped me a lot to set up my my study plans. I am looking for some sort of previous questions or question bank for CSQA. If anyone has the info, or if anyone can please send it across to me it would be really very helpful to me. My email address is : priti_agarwal2002@yahoo.co.in. Thanks in advance.

Good luck to you all.


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i joined this group today......its gr8 to see the response u ppl have given for the queries.....i am gonna appear for the CSTE exam......can anyone send me the CBOK softcopy through mail ??? my id is tsrsubhasree@gmail.com

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I am new to this forum & looking for CSQA study material & old question paper. Could someone please send my the above in my personal email id: roychoudhury.santanu@gmail.com


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Hi Guys...

I am planning to write CSQA by the end of this year. Pls help me with the Materials and Question Paper. Pls help :)


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Hey Shivika,

Can you please send me the study material of csqa.

Thanks in Advance,