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Hi Friends,

Can any one forward me the question bank as well exam material for csqa exam.






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Hi !

Anyone has the Sep 2008 CSQA Exam Paper? If so pls share.




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Hi guys ,

               After seeing all your comments , i got hope that you will help me out ofr preparing the CSQA exam, if any one of guys having the material and question paper ,and the procedure to study, it would be very helpful to me.


and here my mail id: deepu26k@gmail.com




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Hi Pradeep,

I have send u CBOK & Question Bank on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Can anyone pls help me answering this question. 

Write a check sheet of 10points for the management security controls.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Shashi,
I had a look at the CBOK to get the answer for ur question...I am not sure whether the answer which i m giving u is right or no...If u have CBOK 6-2 version please refer page 39(9-39)u would find a worksheet at the bottom which talks of Security Process...& Security Violations...I guess Security Process should answer your question...

Shashi i m not sure whether this would be the right answer...Bcause i could not find a straight forward answer to ur question...

Please do let me know if u have any other answer for the same questions...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar, 

I guess ur answer is correct.

According to CBOK pg 4-40 , "A check sheet (also called a checklist or tally sheet) of events or occurrences is a form used to gather and record data in an organized manner. This tool records the number of occurrences over a specified interval of time to determine the frequency of an event. ". 

Was bit confused as the table in pg 9-39 is named as "Worksheet". Hope both would give the same meaning. But im nt so sure abt it.


Thanks for the help.


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Hi Shashi,

Both do not have the same meaning.

The page which u have referred 4-40 talks of Statistical Tools.'Check Sheet' is one of the Statistical Tools used,which no where is close to the question u have asked.If any question is asked on Statistical Tools then u can refer 'Check Sheet'

The answer to ur question is the one which i have given i.e 9-39 bcause that talks of Security process which is some what near to the question which u have asked 'Management Security Controls'.So please refer to the answer(Page Number) which i have given u(9-39).

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Can some one send me the CSQA 2008 CBOK material @ nairajit10@gmail.com



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Can any one forward me the question bank as well exam material for csqa exam.



Mahwish khan

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Request you to please send CSQA CBOK or any study material to sunilkumar56@gmail.com.


Thanks a Lot,


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I am Basava Kumar, I am having an experience of 2+ in Testing.

I am planning to take the CSQA/CSTE exam..

can anybody send me the material or question papers for the same, if you have, to my email id : basavakumar.m@gmail.com


Basava Kumar M

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Hi Guys,

I am new to the forum and need your help. I am already working as QA and planning to get ready to give the exam. I would appreciate if any of you can send me CBOK for CSQA and exam QA's.

Thanks in advance and all the best who are getting ready for exam.

My email is: sqaso@yahoo.com


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 I'm new to this forum and planning to take CSQA certification, i just have a 2.5 yrs of experience in Software Testing but i wanna go further and want to make career as a Analyst, so i need help of u guys i want a book if any one of u have, i have no idea about certication so please give me ur valuable comments.

Animesh Roy

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Can you pl send a zip copy of CSTE material?My id is kumaranmu@gmail.com


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Hi Sudhakar,

Can you please forward me CBOK material, question bank for CSQA at nuance98@hotmail.com?

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Certified Software Quality Analyst Common Body of Knowledge

 Skill Categories:

1.                  Quality Principles and Concepts

2.                  Quality Leadership

3.                  Quality Baselines (Assessments and Models)

4.                  Quality Assurance

5.                  Quality Planning

6.                  Define, Build, Implement and Improve Work Processes

7.                  Quality Control Practices

8.                  Metrics and Measurement

9.                  Internal Control and Security

10.              Outsourcing, COTS and Contracting Quality

 1. Quality Principles and Concepts

Before an organization can begin to assess the quality of its products and services, and identify opportunities for improvement, it first must have a working knowledge of quality principles and basic concepts. This category will test the CSQA candidate’s ability to understand and apply these principles, which include the quality vocabulary, various ways of defining quality, key concepts, distinguishing between quality control and quality assurance, and the contributions of quality pioneers.

Vocabulary of Quality

Understand the terms used to explain and implement quality in an IT organization.

The Different Views of Quality

·        The Two Quality Gaps

·        Quality Attributes for an Information System

Quality Concepts and Practices

·        PDCA Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

·        Cost of Quality

·        Six Sigma Quality

·        Baselining and Benchmarking

·        Earned Value 

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

·        Quality Control

·        Understanding and Using the Just-In-Time (JIT) Technique

·        Quality Assurance

·        Differentiating Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality Pioneers Approach to Quality

·        Dr. W. Edwards Deming

·        Philip Crosby

·        Dr. Joseph Juran

·        Total Quality Management

 2. Quality Leadership

The most important prerequisites for successful implementation of any major quality initiative are leadership and commitment from executive management. Management must create a work environment supportive of quality initiatives. It is management’s responsibility to establish strategic objectives and build an infrastructure that is strategically aligned to those objectives. This category will cover the management processes used to establish the foundation of a quality-managed environment, as well as commitment, new behaviors, building the infrastructure, techniques, approaches and communications.


Leadership Concepts

o       Executive and Middle Management Commitment

o       Quality Champion

o       New Behaviors for Management

·                     Traditional Management versus Quality Management (differences in philosophy and cultural changes)

·                     Leadership (modeling, coaching, reinforcing)

·                     The Importance of Establishing Mentoring Relationships

·                     Establishing Trust

·                     Empowerment of Employees

Quality Management Infrastructure

·        Quality Council

·        Management Committees

·        Teams and Work Groups

·        Process Improvement Teams

Quality Environment

·        The Six Attributes of an Effective Quality Environment

·        Setting the Proper “Tone” at the Top

·        Code of Ethics and Conduct

·        Open Communications

·        Implementing a Mission, Vision, Goals, Values, and a Quality Policy

·        Monitoring Compliance to Organizational Policies and Procedures

·        Enforcement of Organizational Policies and Procedures

 3. Quality Baselines (Assessments and Models)

Organizations need to establish baselines of performance for quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. These baselines are used to document current performance and document improvements by showing changes from a baseline. In order to establish a baseline, a model and/or goal must be established for use in measuring against to determine the baseline.

Quality Baseline Concepts

·        Baselines Defined

·        Types of Baselines

·        Conducting Baseline Studies

Methods Used for Establishing Baselines

·        Customer Surveys

·        Benchmarking to Establish a Baseline Goal

·        Assessments against Management Established Criteria (e.g. software requirements and user acceptance criteria)Assessments against Industry Models

Model and Assessment Fundamentals

·        Purpose of a Model

·        Types of Models (Staged and Continuous)

·        Model Selection Process

·        Using Models for Assessment and Baselines

Industry Quality Models

·        Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model Integration/CMMI (CMMI®)

·        Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA)

·        ISO 9001:2000

·        ISO/IEC 12207: Information Technology – Software Life Cycle Processes

·        ISO/IEC 15504: Process Assessment

·        Post-Implementation Audits

 4. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a professional competency whose focus is directed at the critical processes used to build products and services. The profession is charged with the responsibility for tactical process improvement initiatives that are strategically aligned to the goals of the organization. This category will address the understanding and application of quality assurance practices in support of the strategic quality direction of the organization. The quality practitioner should understand the importance of a quality function, how to implement a quality function and how it matures over time, as well as how to create a quality plan, the use of quality tools, process deployment, and differentiating between internal auditing and quality assurance.

Establishing a Function to Promote and Manage Quality

·        The Challenges of Implementing a Quality Function

·        How the Quality Function Matures Over Time

·        Support in Corporate Quality Management Environment

·        Implementing an IT Quality Function

Quality Tools

·        Management Tools

·        Statistical Tools

·        Presentation Tools

Process Deployment

·        Getting Buy-in for Change through Marketing

·        The Formula for Effective Behavior Change (behavior = individual + environment)

·        The Deployment Process (assessment, strategic, tactical phases)

·        Critical Success Factors for Deployment

Internal Auditing and Quality Assurance

·        Types of Internal Audits

·        Differences in Responsibilities

5. Quality Planning

Executive management establishes the vision and strategic goals. Planning is the process that describes how those strategic goals will be accomplished. Quality planning should be integrated into the IT plan so that they become a single plan. In simplistic terms, the IT plan represents the producer and the quality plan represents the customer.


Planning Concepts

·        The Management Cycle

·        The Planning Cycle

Integrating Business and Quality Planning

·        The Fallacy of Two Planning Processes

·        Planning should be a Single IT Activity

Prerequisites to Quality Planning

 The Planning Process

·        Planning Process Overview

·        The Six Key Basic Planning Questions

·        The Common Planning Activities in the Planning Process

 Maturing IT Work Processes

·        QAI Model and Approach to Mature IT Work Processes

·        How to Plan the Sequence for Implementing Process Maturity

6. Define, Build, Implement and Improve Processes

The world is constantly changing. Customers are more knowledgeable and demanding, therefore, quality and speed of delivery are now critical needs. Companies must constantly improve their ability to produce quality products that add value to their customer base. Defining and continuously improving work processes allows the pace of change to be maintained without negatively impacting the quality of products and services. This category addresses process management concepts, including the definition of a process, the workbench concept and components of a process. Additionally, it will address the understanding of definitions and continuous improvement of a process through the process management PDCA cycle.

Process Management Concepts

·        Definition of a Process

·        Why Processes are Needed

·        Process Workbench and Components (standards, input, work and check procedures, output/deliverables)

·        Process Categories (management processes, work processes, and check processes)

·        The Process Maturity Continuum (products and services, work and check processes, customer involvement)

·        How Processes are Managed

·        Process Template

Process Management Processes

o       Planning Processes

·                     Process Inventory

·                     Process Mapping

·                     Process Planning

·                     Do Processes

·                     Process Definition

o       Check Processes

·                     Identify Control Points

·                     Process Measurement

·                     Testing

o       Act Processes

·                     Process Improvement Teams

·                     Process Improvement Process

 7. Quality Control Practices

Quality control practices should occur during product development, product acquisition, product construction at the end of development/acquisition and throughout product change and operation. During development, the quality control process is frequently called verification and at the conclusion of development, it is called validation. This category will address the various types of controls and when they are best used in the process. The quality practitioner should also be familiar with developing testing methodologies, verification and validation techniques, the framework for developing testing tactics, change control and configuration management.


Testing Concepts

·        The Testers’ Workbench

·        Test Stages (Unit, Integration, System, User Acceptance)

·        Independent Testing

·        Static versus Dynamic Testing

·        Verification versus Validation

·        Stress versus Volume versus Performance

·        Test Objectives

·        Reviews and Inspections

Developing Testing Methodologies

·        Acquire and Study the Test Strategy

·        Determine the Type of Development Project

·        Determine the Type of Software System

·        Determine the Project Scope

·        Identify the Tactical Risks

·        Determine When Testing Should Occur

·        Build the System Test Plan

·        Build the Unit Test Plans

Verification and Validation Methods

·        Management of Verification and Validation

·        Verification Techniques (reviews, code walkthroughs, requirements tracing)

·        Validation Techniques (white box, black box, incremental, thread, regression)

·        Structural and Functional Testing

Software Change Control

·        Software Configuration Management

·        Change Control Procedures

Defect Management

·        Defect Management Process

·        Defect Reporting

·        Severity versus Priority

·        Using Defects for Process Improvement

8. Metrics and Measurement

A properly established measurement system is used to help achieve missions, visions, goals, and objectives. Measurement data is most reliable when it is generated as a by-product of producing a product or service. The QA analyst must ensure that quantitative data is valued and reliable, and presented to management in a timely and easy-to-use manner. Measurement can be used to gauge the status, effectiveness and efficiency of processes, customer satisfaction, product quality, and as a tool for management to use in their decision-making processes. This category addresses measurement concepts, the use of measurement in a software development environment, variation, process capability, risk management, the ways measurement can be used and how to implement an effective measurement program.

 Measurement Concepts

·        Standard Units of Measure

·        Metrics

·        Objective and Subjective Measurement

·        Types of Measurement Data (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)

·        Measures of Central Tendency (mean, medium, mode etc.)

·        Attributes of Good Measurement

·        Using Quantitative Data to Manage an IT Function

·        Key Indicators

Measurement in Software

·        Product Measurement (size, complexity, quality and customer perception)

·        Process Measurement 

Variation and Process Capability

·        The Measurement Program

·        Installing the Measurement Program

·        Common and Special Causes of Variation

·        Variation and Process Improvement

·        Process Capability

Risk Management

·        Defining Risk

·        Characterizing Risk (situational, time-based, interdependent, magnitude dependent, value-based)

·        Managing Risks

·        Software Risk Management

·        Risks of Integrating New Technology

 Implementing a Measurement Program

·        The Need for Measurement

·        Prerequisites

9. Internal Control and Security

Privacy laws and increased accessibility to data have necessitated increased security. Accounting scandals and governmental regulation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have placed increased importance on building and maintaining adequate systems of internal control. The quality assurance function can contribute to meeting those objectives by assuring that IT has adequate processes governing internal control and security. 


Principles and Concepts of Internal Control

·        Internal Control and Security Vocabulary and Concepts

·        Preventive, Detective and Corrective Controls

Risk and Internal Control Models

·        COSO Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Model

·        COSO Internal Control Framework Model

·        CobiT Model (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology Model)

 Building Internal Controls

·        Perform Risk Assessment

Building Adequate Security

·        Where Vulnerabilities in Security Occur

·        Establishing a Security Baseline

·        Security Awareness Training

·        Security Practices

10. Outsourcing, COTS and Contracting Quality

Organizations can assign software development work responsibilities to outside organizations through purchasing software or contracting services; but they cannot assign the responsibility for quality. Quality of software remains an internal IT responsibility regardless of who builds the software. The quality professionals need to assure that those quality responsibilities are fulfilled through appropriate processes for acquiring purchased software and contracting for software services.

Quality and Outside Software

·        Purchased (COTS) Software — the documentation may not correspond to the software source code.

·        Outsourced Software — the contractual provisions will determine whether the acquiring organization can perform verification activities during development; and the ability to obtain source code.

Selecting COTS Software

·        Assure Completeness of Needs Requirements

·        Define Critical Success Factor

·        Determine Compatibility with Hardware, Operating System, and other COTS Software

·        Assure the Software can be Integrated into Your Business System Work Flow

·        Demonstrate the Software in Operation

·        Evaluate People Fit

·        Acceptance Test the Software Process

Selecting Software Developed by Outside Organizations

·        Contracting Life Cycle

·        Developing Selection Criteria

Contracting for Software Developed by Outside Organizations

·        Contract Negotiations

Operating for Software Developed by Outside Organizations

·        Acceptance Testing 


Satish Duvvur (CSQA, CSTE)

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Can Anyone Send Me CSQA Material .


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I am a software developer with 5 yrs. of IT exp. in MS techs. Now, i want to move to Quality. I have started preparing for CSQA. But then also, can anyone guide me how to proceed further. 

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Hi! I just joined and find this a very helpful resource. Can some one send me the CSQA 2008 CBOK material?


Many thanks!


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Hi Guys, I'm planning to take up CSQA in March 2009. Please sharesample questions to me thru:




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Hi Everyone,

 I am planning to take up CSQA Exams in next 2-4 months. Please can someone send me the latest CBOK and Question Books which would help me in preparing for the same. My e-mail ID is knkiran.369@gmail.com.

 Your help would be appreciated.



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hello friends

Can anybody send a zip file of CSQA study material?

My personal id : poonam.gulhane@gmail.com 

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Hi Team,

Can anyone send the study material and dumps of CSTE on tufail_fifa99@yahoo.com

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I am looking for CSQA exam material.Very appreciated

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Hi All,

I also planning to take the CSQA exam Next month. Could some one please let me know if Some Sample subjective quetsions and answers are available. I need to understand what content and size of answer is expected from a candidate.

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Hello friends,

Can any one forward me the question bank as well exam material for csqa exam. my mail id is vmhasade@gmail.com



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Hi Sudhakar,

Could please send me the latest CBOK material for CSQA certification?My mail ID is roopali.gotur@gmail.com.
I would also request you to guide me for the exam as I have not taken this kind of exam before.Is it tough to clear ?Also I have 5 years experience in SQA and development.Is that enough?

How much time do I need to prepare completely for the exam as I am working atleast 12 hours a day.Would I be able to manage if i study only the CBOK and the question bank?

Please guide me.

Thanks and Regards

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Hi Roopali,
Replied u on ur gmail ID...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

Can u send me CBOK 2009 to me as alrady asked u for that . But I didnot recieve it .
MY Email id is bpoori@rediffmail.com


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Hey...anyone have CSQA study material, please send me on :-


thanks in advance

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Hi Shivika,

I am also looking for the question bank as well exam material for csqa exam.



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Hi KK,
Do let me know ur mail ID...Preferably let me know ur gmail ID...
Wud send u CSQA CBOK on ur mail ID...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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I am planning to take CSQA certification this year. Can anyone send me the CBOK and Study material for CSQA Certification exam.

Thanks in Advance!!

Anjan Nath | anjan007@google.com

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Hi Anjan...
I have send u CSQA CBOK & Question Bank on ur mail ID...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Anjan...
I did send u CSQA study materials on ur mail ID...But it has bounced back...

Could you please let me know ur any other other mail ID(Preferably gmail ID)...Wud resend study materials to you...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am planning to take CSQA exam, can you pls send the CSQA cbok material to my id ocftech@yahoo.com. It would be a great help of you. Also tell me if there is any training course in chennai conducted for this.


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Hi Sudhakar,
I hope you are great well.

Thanks for your reply. I failed to get a certificate of CSQA because I am a non-native speaker and not good at English.

So, would you please send me exam bank of CSQA for my re-try to attempt CSQA exam?

My email is chhead@naver.com

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Onetop...
I have send u CSQA Question Bank on mail ID (chhead@naver.com)...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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IS any one n chennai planned to take the exam by July if so we could do a group study for knowledge sharing which is one of the easy ways of gettin thry he exam

any one interested can cal me 99406 40123

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Hi Friend...

AM too looking for the CSTE and CSQA materials and sample questions...
Can anyone please send it to my id shanmugapriyacse@yahoo.co.in

Can anyone give me suggestions regarding preparation for the CSTE and CSQA exams...

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I am looking for CSQA study material can any body help me out, and provide me the study material.
My id is: nasir_arc@hotmail.com


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Hi Nasir...
I have send u CSQA Study materials on ur mail ID...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Shanmugapriya...
Please do let me know are u working on the testing front or the process(QA) front ?
Also do tell me which certification are u really planning out for...CSQA/CSTE have to be taken up as two different individual exams...

Do plan accordingly which certification are u planning to take up first...
Please let me know the same and i would send u the required study materials accordingly...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi All,
Just got laid off from my job as QA. I do Consider it as good opportunity to get certification for QA. Could any one please email me the CSQA material to gpreetm@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.

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I have send u CSQA study material on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Can anyone please send me the question bank for CSQA to cuteminchi@gmail.com

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Hi Minchu...
I have send u CSQA Question Bank on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Shivika and Sudhakar,

I have decided (finally) to take up the exam in July this year. I think it will be a good addition to the Green Belt certification (from ASQ) that I am appearing for in December. However, I would need a little help from you guys. Can you please forward the BOk and question bank to me on basu.abhijeet@gmail.com?

It will be great if you could also share your preparation plans and schedules so that I can figure out if the time that I have estimated for the preparation is enough.

In search of Excellence,
Abhijeet Basu

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Can any pls forward me the question bank as well exam material for csqa exam