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Hi Team,

Thanks for helping me in clearing CSTE exam.

Please do helping others regarding the same.

Once again thanks for all your support  towards me.




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I could not able to attahed here for CBOK material here .

you can reachable my gmail id for CSTE info.



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Can you please send the CSTE book to me


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Hi Suchitra,
I have dropped a mail at ur mail ID...

Do let me know if you have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Friend,

Can you plz send that Cbook to me as well.


Cheers :)

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I am preparing for CSTE exam ... can u send the book to mail id gowripriyanarasimhan@gmail.com

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Hi Sudhakar,

I have recently joint this group .I am currently in Norway and planning to go for CSTE examination in July 2010 from India.
I will be going to India in the month of April and then will apply for the examination.
Can you please let me know if the old CBOK(of previous years) is sufficient for study.
Coz unless and until I apply for the examination I wont be able to get the CBOK for this year .Can you please help me with providing some of the study materials?
Also I want to know if the study material for CSTE and CSQA is same.


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Hi Swati...
To be very honest CBOK(Study Material) is the only source to clear ur certification...
Question Papers(Previous) do help you to get an idea of how the questions wud be...But if ever u r thorough with CBOK u can easily sail thru ur exam...

Its better u apply for the exam now itself...If u have planned to take up the exam..in April...Its better u register for the exam on www.softwarecertifications.org and get the latest CBOK and start preparing right now...Once u register for the exam by paying the reqd fees ($350) u have to take up the exam with in a year...I mean if u register for the exam now and in April u fees that u r not prepared well for the exam u can postone it to the next exam date...But u have to take up the exam with in a year...

Also do pls check the exam dates on the site i mentioned above...There's no exam in April'10...Its in March...

Do let me know ur mail ID...
Or drop me a mail @ sudhakar.packiamuthu@morganstanley.com

Study material for CSTE & CSQA are not the same...One or two domains(Chapters) would be similar...

Hope i have answered most of ur questions...

Do let me know if u have any questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Suchitra
I want to ask for a favour for recent material/ CSTE CBOK. Please do forward all the materials to my email vadlareddy@gmail.com

I appreciate for your help.


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hi prasad,

plse send me the CBOK material...

my id sekhar.matam@hotmail.com

 thanks in advance....

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Hi Senthil,

                     This is Jhansi,i am planning to write CSTE exam,can u send me the materials for dat 




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Hi all,


Anyone is writing CSTE on Dec 13th..Let me know, so that we can discuss some topics 




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Could some one please share CSTE latest CBOK?

Thank you.

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Hi Senthil - Please send me your mail-id - so that I can send the CSTE C-BoK.

Thanks and Regards,

Suri (R.Suriyanarayanan)




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I am planning to take CSTE Exam this year can you please send me the CSTE material. My id :

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If you have the CSTE book, can you please send to me


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Hi Suchitra....

Do let me know if you have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Senthil, Can you please send me latest CBOk materials.
My id is k.ahirrao@gmail.com

Thanks in Advance.

Regards and Best Wishes,

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Hi Senthil, can you please send me the latest CBOK materials for CSTE
my id is alluri.rishi@gmail.com
Thanks a lot


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Hello all,

I am planning to write CSQA. Can anyone please send me the latest CBOK?

This site is very helpful, thanks to all who have contributed.

Keep it up.

Best regards.

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Hi Prasad

 Please can you guide how to go about in writing csqa




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Hi Prasad

Im planing to take up CSTE exam, please send me the syllabus and study material on my id -smithaprakash11@gmail.com

need your suggestion on how to prepare for the exam


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Hi Prasad,

I have been trying to get some notes or possibly a copy of the CBOK for CSTE. Will you be able to help me with that ?. Please reply to my mail id lata.a.narayan@gmail.com





Hi Prasad,

            I m santhosh from Chennai .I like to write CSTE exam.

Could u send me the STUDY MATERIALS to me. Share with me through the following mail ids







thanks & regards


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Hi team,

I would like to give the CSTE exam. Can anyone share with me the study material on CSTE soon. You can mail me the material at sonia.butalia@gmail.com

Thanks in advance,


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Hi All, 

I am planning to appear for the CSTE exam. Can somebody guide me about the study materials and latest syllabus?

My email-id is dalwadi.isha@gmail.com 

Thanks in Advance,


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I am planning to take up CSTE exam, can anyone pls share the study material and related details to my email id- tgdeepa@gmail.com

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Hi Akila,

      Could you please forward it to my mail id with zip file?




Sankara Narayanan S.

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Hi Akila,

can you please forward me the csqa study material at kanikakumar20@gmail.com.



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Please send me CSTE 2008 CBOK, Thanks in Advance. Please do the needful.

Email id: rashmi3000in@gmail.com



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Hi All,

I'm currently working as a Senior QA Analyst and would like to take the CSTE certification shortly. Could someone send me the CBOK 2008 and any study material you might have? Your help is greatly appreciated. My email id is srilp2000@yahoo.com.



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i am kavitha,

I am planning to take up CSTE exam. Can any one take trouble to pass the CSTE material to this mail id



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Hi team,

am also planning to take CSTE exam this year 2008, could you please provide me with the materials , you can send them on :



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Hi Team,

I am new to this site. I am planning take CSTE exam this year 2008... Can anyone help me by providing materials... Please send to this id... amulya.janakiram@gmail.com....  I have 2006 book.. i require the latest one...


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Hi ,

I am planning to write my Cste EXam.Would like any one of u to send me the latest CSTE material.

Thank You


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Hi All,

I am Planning on taking CSTE exam that I need materials for. Would you please consider sending me also the CBOK? My email id: pratap.roula@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

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Hi Akila,

     Could you please forward me the cste / csqa study material at pratap.roula@gmail.com.



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hi akila........

plse send me the CSTE certification material...

here is the ID:sekhar.matam@hotmail.com

thanks in advance

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hi akila..

                  i am planning to take up CSTE exam on dec 13th, please can you send me the CSTE certification material and Cbook  to my mail id.. this is my id cvsaraswathi@gmail.com,

thanks in advance



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I am planning to appear for CSTE exam early next year. Can you please help me out by sharing CBOK 2008 to my email id.


 It will be a great help if you share CBOK 2008.




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Hi anybody who needs study material for CSTE CBOK can visit www.esnips.com and search for cste cbok and download the stuff...... Thanks Ankush Ombale

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Hi  for all,

I am mohammed from jordan.

What are the  qa\qc methodologies and qa\qc strategies ? i need clarifications 

And what are the differences between them?

please supporte me by examples about them.

Thanx in advance  


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hi prasad

i am prashanth. iam planning to write CSTE examination

can you please send me the CSTE material to prash_03@rediff.com 



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Hi Prasad ,

This is Chetna . I am planning to give CSTE exam . Please share your experience and send me CSTE exam material @ csinfo2007@yahoo.com

Thanks very much

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Hi Chetna - If you still need help, please e-mila me at rsuri@hotmail.com

Best wishes! I've been guiding CSQA/CSTE/PMP and ISTQB aspirants from my home in Chennai for the last many years now. Thanks. 

With Regards, 



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Hi All,

I am planning to give cste exam on dec 13 in delhi.Please share the latest syllabus for cste 2008,its study material. Will be grateful for CBOK also.

My email id rupalihemkar@gmail.com




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Hi all, its over, none of you need to beg for the study material related to CSTE.i have the cbok and other stuff which will be helpfull in cleraing the cste, i dont mind to share those things with anyone for a little cost,( Belive me even i have paid a lot of amount to get those things), So as a result i am ready to share that material with a little cost. interested contact me on junkuseid@gmail.com

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Hi Prasad,

Please send me the CBOK 2008 material.

My id is


It would be great help from you.

Thanks in Advance.

-- priyanka




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Hello everyone !! I have Cbook 2006. If anyone have Cbook 2008 Kindly send it my id.


Thanks in advance


Saurabh Garg

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Hi Every one,

Im planning to write my CSTE Exam in this September. If any one are taking the exam I would like to know so that we can disscus with each other,

Kiransv's picture

Hi Praneetha,

I'm taking the exam this september.I'm giving it in Bangalore.I'm interested in discussing the topics with you and anyone who's giving the exam on 20th of sep.I have enough material but discussing the topics is a much better way of learning.

Kindly respond. You can reach me at kirudreamz100@yahoo.co.in or venkatakiran.s@gmail.com