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Hi Team,

Thanks for helping me in clearing CSTE exam.

Please do helping others regarding the same.

Once again thanks for all your support  towards me.




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Hi Kiran - If u hv any queries on C-Bok, please mail me at r.suri@live.com

I'd be glad to help. Best wishes!!




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Hi, everyone

     I plan to exam CSTE in next month, but I don't have any material book for this. Can anyone help me? Please send the materail book to me at auzako@gmail.com


Thank you very much.


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Cold anyone send me the CSTE Exam on  rubaj84@hotmail.com


Thank you

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Hello Prasad,

 I am new to this CSQA. I am currently employed for a s/w consultancy firm. Reading your blog, I understand, that you had been assisted by the community members in being acknowledged and clearing the certifications.

 May I expect some assistance in this context.

 Thanks in advance.


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i am planning to write CSTE exam this time. can anyone send cbok to my email id?
Thanks & Rgds
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Hi All,

I already took the exam for CSTE last June. CSTE exam is a four-part exam

 Part 1 & 3- multiple choice

Part 2 & 4 - essay

 Remember that the answers to one question may be coming from different skill category. As example,

1.) The client wants to establish a team wherein it will be compose of user aceptance testers and they will be using new technology. If you will be the manager, What would be the testing skills that needs to be established as a UAT tester? 

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Hi All

This Arun Bharathi from Chennai.

I am planning to take CSTE exam and I came to know that the syallabus has been changed for 2008. I need material for prepearation. Kindly if you can help me out. Thanks in advance. My maild id is arunbharathis@gmailc.om.

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Hello Akila,

     Could you please forward me the cste / csqa study material at doxuanhuy@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance,

Huy Do

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Hi All,

I am new to this site. I'm planning to take CSTE. Please seend me the latest version of CSTE CBOK? Email address is gly_labs_dalord@yahoo.com



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Hi, you can refer to http://guidecste.blogspot.com/  blog for download the CSTE.

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I am working as a Senoir Test Engineer.

Can anyone please provide me the study material for CSTE and CSQA exam.My email id is gangrade.shilpa@gmail.com



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could u plz send me material and CBOK plz its really urgent




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Hi Akila, I am planning to take CSTE exam this year. Could you please send me the CBOK to my email id; it is linu_79@indiatimes.com

Thanks in advance.



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Hi All,

this will be thanksfull, if any one mail me latest CSTE 2008 cource and exam matarial or (CBOK). sayedfar@gmail.com

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Hi Prasad,

I am Snehal.I am planning to take CSTE exam this year. Please can u send me the CSTE 2008 study material to my mail id. My Mail id is snehal.m81@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.

With regards


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Hi Prasad,


            I am Rachit from Delhi planning to write CSTE exam.

Could you please send me the CBOK 2008 to my email ids mentioned below.


Many Thanks

Rachit Gupta

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Hi Prasad,

Congrats on clearing CSTE Exams.

I am new to this site and planning to write CSTE exams.

Can you please send me the CSTE study material.

My id is chopra.dipti@gmail.com

Thanks in advance..


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if u got the materials please sent me also

my mail id : bala.cste@gmail.com

thanks in advance


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Hi ,

i m new to this forum

Anyone please sent me latest CSTE exam 2008 materials,

my mail id is bala.cste@gmail.com

and can anyone tell the procedure and qualification to write CSTE exam.

Thanks in advance




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hi Prasad,

I am going to take CSTE exam in comming March2009, Can you please send me the latest Soft copy of CBOC for CSTE.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Nishad,

Please drop me a mail at :sudhakar.packiamuthu@morganstanley.com

I shall reply u back with CSTE CBOK(2006) & Question Bank...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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   I am new to this blog. I am a Software Tester with 3years of experience. I would like to take on CSTE exam. Could you send me the course material and syllabus to me.





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Hi All,

I'm a newbie to this forum,I'm planning to take CSTE exam on march 2009.

Friends,I'm having CSTE 2006 syllabus could you please tell me weather the syllabus has changed or remains the same.

Anticpating your help


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Hi Savera,

Yeah the syllabus remains the same...Could you please share me ur mail id...Preferably gmail ID...I shall send the CBOK to u...The CBOK which i have is 2006(Version 6.2)...And this is the latest version...I confirmed the same from one of the forum members who is giving the exam in Mar'09...He received CBOK 2006(Version 6.2)...when he registered for Mar'09 exam...

Golden Words : Keep reading CBOK...CBOK is the only source which wud help u sail ur exam..

Do let me know if u have any other questions....

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

I am planning on sitting for the CSTE next month: could you please send me the latest version of CBOK and any other course materials you think may help? You are a wonderful person to be such a help to all of us! Thank you!

My gmail address is: AmyTrickel@gmail.com

Thanks again!

Amy ~

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Hi Sudhakar,

Could you please send me the Study material for CSTE exam? My email id is ainphrom@gmail.com

Thank you & Regards

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Hi please send CSTE 2008 CBok to aj.arjun21@gmail.com
I barely need it.


Sudhakar Packiamuthu's picture

Hi Arjun...
I have send u CSTE CBOK on ur gmail ID...
Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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I am planning to give CSTE.

Could you please let me know how much time is required for prepartion of the examination.

Also, as i have read from the comments CBOK book is recommended for the prep. Can you please send it to me on my gmail id - sandip.bumtariya@gmail.com
Any other helpful info.


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Hi Sudhakar Packiamuthu

Please share the CBOK with me as well at kanwal_83@hotmail.com



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I want the CBOK(CSTE) material's softcopy.
Could anyone please send it as early as possible to gadetulasi@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Tulasi,

I've sent you the CBOK(CSTE) to the given mail id. Prepare well.
All the best.


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Hi,Can you pl send me a copy of CBOK (CSTE) to my id:


Thanks for your help.

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I too want CSTE BOK. Could any one please share with me at ngummadi00@yahoo.com ASAP.

Thanks a lot,

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Hi All..

I am new to this forum. I would like to do certification in Testing either ISTQB or CSTE .. But i don't know which one is suitable for my experience.. am having nearly 2.7 years of experience in testing and i would like to upgrade my knowledge in testing further.. Please guide me .. and i hav found that for 2+ years of exp can do CSTE .. if is it so send me the details of CSTE certification like where to apply for the exam, materials, fees structure, is there any training required or self learning and the scope of doing CSTE..

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Prasad,

I would like to write the CSTE exams.

Could you please send CBOK materials to me at gupta_biotech2003@yahoo.co.in

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Warm Regards,


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'm new in this forum.i'm interesting to get CSTE certification. Could someone please send me the latest CBOK material and bank question of CSTE? My mail ID is soumg.s@gmail.com. And is the syllabus changed for this year? i am want to take exam in the month of november

thanks and regards

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Hello friends,

what is the material to prepare CSTE exam other than CBOK?
Any books for references?
If any one has model papers/ sample or past exam papers/ any material regarding, please send me via email.

My email address: grayish2003@yahoo.co.in

Thanks in advance.

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Please email me the latest CSQA CBOK to

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HI Prasad,
I am working as a QA tester for 3 years and have 4 years degree also. Not sure what is the difficulty level of this exam. Please let me , what should be the preparations like(books,tools etc I should know about). Please send me some sample questions, if you have with you , as I am planning to take the test in a couple of months.This would be a great help!!! astha.saxena18@gmail.com

Sudhakar Packiamuthu's picture

Hi Astha,
Which ceritification are you looking out for...I mean CSQA/CSTE...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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hi Frens,
can anyone post some tips for the preparation?plz...


Sudhakar Packiamuthu's picture

Hi Saraswathi...
Which certification are you looking out for...
Would surly give you tips bfore you take up the exam...

Do let me know your mail ID...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Im looking for the latest CBOK (CSTE), can one of you pls send me a copy to my id "priya_vs56@yahoo.co.in"


pls share the download link, if available.

thanks much

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Could you please send CSTE question papers of 2007, 2008 & 2009 to janu_nettar@rediffmail.com


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hi this is naveen from hyderabad .can any one provide me the material for writing the cste exam and istqb exam as well.pls provide me some guidance regarding this

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Dear All,
I am planning to take CSTE exam this year. Can anybody please send me CSTE Study Material and previous exam question papers to sks1801@ymail.com

Any data on this will surely help

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Hi Prasad/ or any one can help

I am preparing do CSTE exam, can I get any material.

my email id is hasankhan85@yahoo.ca


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Hi Prasad,

Kindly provide me with CSTE study materials and other details.

My Email Id : hi2rahulgupta@gmail.com

Thank You
Rahul Gupta

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I am planning to give the CSTE exam early next year.Can anyone please send me the latest CBOK at my email id identisri@gmail.com.