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Sorry i can't login by using user ID is "student" with password "cste". the system display "Login incorrect. Try again."

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I am not able to login using the username and password. Can someone let me know how to access it? My email is petjon44@yahoo.com.


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Check the above links now.

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The above links are working fine for me, but if you have any issues, you may contact the creator of the quiz as we are only providing the links.

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I am not able to access the urls given above. Whts the user ID and Password for accessing those urls?

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Hi friends,

I am new in this community.

I want to give CSTE/ISQTB exams.

Pls tell me which ont to be given first and what should I read in order to clear it in First stroke.


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CSTE vs ISTQB........

Hi Paresh, In future please post your questions in forums..

IMO you should start with CSTE, as it is more reputable of the two. ISTQB is fairly new and not recognized industry wide.

Also ISTQB has only objective questions and pass percentage is 60%, which makes it very easy and that can be one reason it will not be as widely recognized as CSTE. Search on job sites, you will find employers asking for CSTE but rarely someone asking for ISTQB ...

So make your decision based on various factors. If you want quick and easy Testing certification go for ISTQB, if you want value added Testing certification choose CSTE.

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the above links are very usefull...

i'm requesting  the Moderator to post  the sample qns for CBOK SkillSets5,6 and 10 also, i would be very thankfull to this forum.

 Thanks and Regards,


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Please guide me how to open these links
Thanks In advance