CSTE vs ISQTB which is better

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  1. CSTE costs approximately thrice compared to ISTQB foundation level.
  2. ISTQB being newer certification has fewer companies as affiliates compared QAI. CSTE is preferred in US and Asian countries, while ISTQB/ISEB preferred in UK
  3. QAI certification is older and widely recognized. QAI coverage is approx 30 countries whereas ISTQB appox 11 countries.
  4. ISQTB Foundation is much easy to clear. Other levels are also relatively easier.
  5. ISQTB is totally objective while CSTE examination consists of written and objective
  6. Both certifications will help you gain knowledge and skills, but CSTE is more exhaustive when compared to Foundataion level if ISQTB
  7. ISQTB certification has 4 levels , starts from Foundation. Probably somewhere between 2nd level and 3rd level of ISQTB would match CSTE.
  8. ISTQB exam can be taken from 0 years experience in software testing field. (Foundation Level), After 2+ years experience you can start writing Advance Level one by one or 3 sub level in single attempt (Intermidiate, Practitioner, Higher). CSTE needs 2 years experience as testing professional to become eligible for certification.
  9. Exam patterm as follows

ISTQB Foundation: 75 Mins closed book exam consists of approximately 40 multiple choice questions of 1 points each. An exam amounts to 40 points total, pass is 65%(26 points)

CSTE has four sections and total exam duration is 270 min. There are 2 section having 50 objective questions and time limit is 45 min and 2 sections having subjective 6 to 10 questions and time limit as 75 min. With 10 min, break after each paper the total duration You can write the exam using HB pencil only.