Difference between Verification and Validation

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Dear all,

I find some question in CSQA cover the activities and techniques of validation and verification. I want to open this topic for discussing on it.

The question is "What is the difference between of validation and verification?". The followings are my opinion:

QA activities are performed to reject the functions that customers are not willing. Among those activites are validation and verification. The related QA activities to ensure that the right functions are performed are grouped as validation activities, while the others to ensure the correct or reliable performance of these specified functions are grouped as verification activities.The difference between two activities and techniques for performance will be shown as below.  



-     Focus on the product

-    Ensure that the final product meet the requirements and expectations of customer.

-   Evaluate a system or component during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified customer requirements

-     Ensure that the right fuction are performed

 -    Deals directly with users and their requirements

-        Focus on the process

-        Ensure that the process of developed product has to follow the specified standards

-         Evaluate a system or component to determine whether the products of development phase satisfy the conditions imposed at the start of  that phase.

-      Ensure the correct or reliable performance of these specified functions

-       Deals with internal product specifications.


White box testing (Unit test, integration test) 

Black box testing (System test, User acceptance test)

Incremental testing

Thread test technique

Regression testing

Feasibility reviews

Requirement reviews

Design reviews

Code walkthroughs

Requirement tracing

 Determining when to perform verification or validation activites relate to the development, delivery and maintenance of software. Thereforce using exactly the related techniques is very important in each phase to accomodate customer with high quality products.

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Well White box testing would be verification & so would thread test technique. Refer to this link for details http://www.critech.com/vv.htm

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I realize there are many contraditions in the link you give and my knowledges. In order to list the difference between V&V as above, I read many prestigious books. Their authors describe detail of activites and techniques of V&V. You can check in some book, such as: 1. Software quality engineering_Testing, Quality assurance and qualtifiable improvement (Jeff Tian; John Wiley & Son, Inc, Publication) 2. Practical Guide to Software Quality Management, Second Edition (John W. Horch) 3. Key Practices of the Capability Maturity ModelSM, Version 1.1 (Mark C. Paulk, Charles V. Weber, Suzanne M. Garcia, Mary Beth Chrissis, Marilyn Bush. And some othes documentation I have. After checking, if you have any ideas, please freely share and discuss with me. Regards,

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That may be true, Different authors have different meanings for same terminology.

For purpose of CSQA exam, CBOK will have final word.

White box testing is to be done by Testers and its not validation, as it deals with "Is the product being built right ?" question.

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Thank you csqa and admin.
I have just studied carefully about V&V. You are right. I will modify my answer. thank you once more :)