HOWTO: Create a forum

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Users can post topics to forums. Forums can appear below other forums in a hierarchy, or can appear in containers. 1. Click administer » forums. 2. Click the add forum tab. 3. Type in a forum name. 4. Type in a forum description. This will show up below the forum name when users visit the forum section. 5. Select a parent. * You can choose either a forum or a container to be a 'parent' for a forum. If there are no containers or existing forums to choose from, you will only see as the option, meaning it will be at the top of the forum hierarchy. 6. Select a weight. Higher numbers means the container will sink down in the list, lower numbers mean the container will rise up. 7. Click the "Submit" button.


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If you want to create a free forum, you can you a free hosting system.
I know the Forums-Free service:
I have one and it's very good! It's phpBB3 and have 1GB of space for files. Chatbox and other things..