Improve implementation of Quality Tools.

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Question: Your company has quite a number of tools procured from vendors. But their implementation is poor among business users. How will you ensure that the tools procured are used as well?


 Note: Since the tools has already been implemented, you cannot use the steps given in CBOK as-is.  If the question was how would you ensure successful implementation it would be straight from book. Answer:

·        Discuss with business users to gather all the challenges they face in using the new tools.

·        Conduct the RCA ( via pareto or fishbone ) diagram to prioritize the issues.

·        Assuming the issues are 1) Documentation is cryptic 2) User navigation is not intuitive 3) Lack of training.

·        For the first issue work with the vendor to get more simplified documentation, more targeted to your company’s audience. Ensure that documentation is easy to read & has visual aids or audio files.

·        For navigation issue , send out suggestions to vendor and internally train the users or arrange for Q&A session with experienced members or engage a trainer

·        Arrange for Intermediate level training, since users have already started using the tools. The intermediate training can also answer the beginner level questions and it will take user to next level of expertise.

·        For future improvements and to avoid such situations for occurring, update your organization’s procurement process to ensure that

o       Documentation is reviewed and is proven to be effective

o       Engage an architect/ Designer to review the tools for User interface.

o       Ensure that proper training is planned and conducted. Use training feedback as an indicator to review its effectiveness.  Plan for further actions to be taken based on training feedback.