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Please Read the FAQ section on Forums to learn how to post here. The following is a guideline one can follow to post in this forum 1. Post your strategies for preparing for CSQA , CSTE, CSPM . 2. How much time was it needed. 3. Tips and tricks you developed which helped you. 4. Study materials used.
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Hi all,

i have planned to take the CSTE exam. Can anyone explain the process of Enrollment, Exam dates, how to prepare for the exam....



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Hi jayasahethaa.Good luck for interested in CSTE Exam.But i am not in position to help you.Because me to don't know the process of CSTE Exam.Right now i can't do anything.



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Hi Jayasahethaa,

Sorry for replying late...Infact i have recently joined the forum...Great to know from u that u have plans of taking up CSTE Certification...

I wud suggest u visit the site ( to get more info on CSTE Certification...

That's the site where u need to register/enroll for the exam...Initially when i had taken up CSTE in March'08 the enrollment procedure was not online...We had to submit/send the details thro fax to US address with the Credit Card Number...But now the process is online...The moment u pay the required fees for the exam u wud get the study material(i.e CBOK) online...While registering for the exam make sure that u have the required pre-requisites for taking up the exam(i.e Degree, Years of experience) specified in the prerequisites...There's no cross verification done for the same...But if ever it takes place and u do not have the required pre-requisites u would be found guilty...

I would suggest u to create ur login by clicking on Customer Portal link on the website...

Now on the page if u click on the link 'Examination Information' and then click on the 'Sponsored Site Examination Schedule' u would find the exam dates for the coming year(2009)...Since u r in India the exam would not be online...

Jst read CBOK for the exam...If u r thorough with CBOK u can easily clear the exam...Make sure u have read CBOK atleast three times bfore taking up the exam...If u need a copy of CBOK reply me with ur mail ID...So that i can send the same to u...

Hope ur questions have been answered...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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can you send the CSQA BOk and study materials to

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I just joined this forum. I am currently in US (Iowa) and would like to pursue this CSTE exam.

Can you pls send me the CSTE CBOK and the question bank ?

My ID is


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hi sudhakar,
i am lavanya just joined this.i completed my mca.i just completed testing and i don't have any experience.
am i eligible to giv any certifications like ISTQB,CSTE.
pls guide me regarding that


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Hi Lavanya...
Great to c ur interest towards Certifications...
Since u have jst recently finished ur MCA u can go for ISTQB foundation...
CSTE has a pre-requisuite that the candidate should have 2 years of experience...There's no cross verification for the same ...But if found guilty u would be punished...So it's better u take up CSTE only after u have 2 years of experience...

ISTQB on the other hand covers basics of testing...U would have only objective questions...Please visit the site to get more deails on ISTQB...U can find the study material for the same on their website...

Hope i have answered ur question...

Do let me know if u have any oyther questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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the info you gave is awesome. before I pay the fee and get the date I want to look at CBOK book to see whether I can write the exam or not. Do you mind sending me your CBOK book (doesn't matter which year). Thanks for your help.

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Forgot to mention my email

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Hi Sudhakar,

I read the information that you sent to Jayasahethaa and would be interested in obtaining a copy of CBOK for the CSTE exam.

My email is I would appreciate any information that you can provide me.

Thank you,

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Do anyone of you have the latest CSTE CBOK for the year 2010?

Please send me the latest CSTE CBOK. I am planning to sit for the exam by mid of 2010.

thank you very much.

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HI Sudhakar ..

Would you please send me the study materials for CSQA preparation to my mailid .I am planning to write exams on feb,march 2010.



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Hi all.

I have just joined this group. I have 2.6 years experience in testing.I just need a clear view about the certification. I have completed CSTP level 1 last year. I have plan to take some advanced level certification in the same. Just i need to confirm is CSTP level 2 is worth or CSTE is worth. So if any body help me for the above it would be pleasure.


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Hi Karhikeyan...
As such i do not have any idea abt CSTP...
CSTE & CSQA are much popular in India than CSTP...
CSTE if for aspirants who work in testing...Where as CSQA is for those aspirants who work on the process front...
Now since u r in testing CSTE wud be a good option for u...

Do let me know ur mail ID...I shall send the CSTE material on the same...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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My email id is

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Hi Karthikeyan...
I have send u CSTE CBOK on ur gmail ID...
Jst have a look at it...And let me know which certification wud u go for...Jst go thru each domain in CSTE and compare it with CSTP syallabus...Do let me know updates from ur side...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Thak you Sudhakar, Thank u very much, u have doing great job for the members in this blog..

Keep on going...


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Hi Karhikeyan...
Thanks for the complement...

All The Best !!!

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

I have joined today in this group.My Qualification is Master of Financial Management and I m working as a Sr.Quality Executive and I have 4+ yrs experience in Quality. Now I m working in Quality Assurance Dept. I m planning to write CSQA exam in May 09. I m going to apply for that by this weekend. Can I have latest CBOK so tht I can start my preparations. Suggest me if any. My mail id

Thanx in advance


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Hi All,

I am new to this forum and planning to take up the CSQA exam by the end of this year(2009).

Please help and guide me preparing for the exam.....


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Hi Satish,
Can u plz send me the question bank and study materials for CSQA exam.
My mail id is
Neelam Roy

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Hi Satish,

I am working as QA engineer from past 3 years and planning to do CSTE certification. I have ragistered for the CSTE last year in june'08 but didnt get time to appear for it. Could you please suggest how to prepare and its a great help if you provide latest CBOK, questions & answers and Objectives.

My Mail_ID :

Thanks a ton in advance


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Hi Toshica,
I have dropped a mail on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any questions...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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hi sudhakar,

Im new to this forum , it wud be gr8 if u can help me out with CSTE CBOK,

my email id :


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I am new to the Quality Assurance field and i want to take the CSQA exam. Can anyone send me the Cbook for CSQA, sample questions and answers and suggestions as to how I should prepare for the exam.
My email id is:

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi All,
Can anybody help me to take the CSTE exam online in the pro metric center here in USA? Please send any question papers you have. Here is my mail id :

Thank you all

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Hi Sudhakar,
Could you please send me the CBOK 2008(CSTE) and the guidelines too. I read some comments that you did provide good guidelines to clear the exam. It would be appreciated if you can send the questions from past examinations.

Thank you very much

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Can anybody help to clear the CSTE exam online through pro-metric center. Do we need to type all the answers? Then how can we draw the tables and diagrams if we have, with out wasting any time. Can we leave a space and draw with a pencil later?

Thank you,

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Hi Satish
Can you please send your mailid to my mail. Would like to discuss with you reg:CSTE's picture

Hi i am bina

I am totally new in computer feild i want to change my career so i want to become certified CSQA or CSTE. Can any one help me and give more guideline CBOK material? Testing process?

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To decide on CSQA or CSTE, it depends on the career path-software quality or software testing,you are interested in.

Once you apply for the CSQA or CSTE, your cBok material will be sent to you. the application will be valid for 1 year and u can give the exam within this year.


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I am looking forward to take up the CSTE exam. Could u pls mail me CBOK material to I have done ISTQB foundation level certification.
I was a bit confused on what certification i can do next. This site was helpful for me. Thx for the info provided.
I am in testing field for the past 5+ years. And I am a test lead. Are there any other testing certifications available, which would help me improve my career.

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This is vijay kumar from hyderabad, i am working for bank of america. i am planning to write CSQA exam...if any body have csqa material...can u please forward it to

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I am new in testing certification .Can you pls guide me which examination is better CSQA or ISTQB? Can anybody help me out?

I have done MCA and I have 3 years testing experience in past.

My email is
Thanks in advance.


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Hi sudakar,

I have seen you have been providing the CSTE book to various people .. I have 4 years of experience in testing and I am planning to go for CSTE certification.

It is appreciatable if you send the CBOK in

Thanks in advance

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I have 3 month exp in QA. I dont know about CSQA. I want to prepare for that. so I need the study material. can u help me for that.

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Hi all,

i am bhaskar, any body help me out to appear for CSQA exam. working as Test Lead since last 5 yrs.


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Hi Sudhakar,
I am new to this forum. I would like to switch to software quality job. I have 6 years of experience (Software Dev + Manual Testing). Please guide me in preparing for this exam. Let me know how long it takes to prepare for this exam. Recently i came to U.S and need to search job in quality.
Let me know how to apply for this exam. From do i need to get voucher and how long it will be valid.
Can you please share me the CBOK and other related meaterials to my email id:
Let me know important links i need to access on this site to prepare which may be useful.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi all,

This is Bharat from Hyderabad. I work as a process consultant on models/standards like CMMI and ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000. Pls contact me if you have need any clarification on above said models/standards and my area of specialization is CMMI

you can also reach me at