IT director's approach to Quality ?

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Mr. Masor is an IT director, He is a quality conscious person , understands Customer satisfaction is the goal etc. So decides to set up the Department to test software and a librarian for documentation in the project etc.
*  Rate Mr. Masor as leader on a scale of 1 to 5
*  Rate  his approach on the Quality principles
*  Explain why?


Rate as a leader 3
Rate his approach 2.5


Assuming that the department does not have any Quality setup currently.

The first step should be to implement the processes. By setting up dept. to test software you are only doing QC. QC is corrective measure and the cost of Quality is much higher . Mr Masor should try to implement QA along with QC.

If implementing Quality in a IT dept, processes should be defined and institutionalized. Every person must be trained and made aware of process merits and how processes and QA can improve productivity by reducing rework.

He gets better rating as a leader as he is Quality concious and has customer satisfaction as his goal and has taken immidiate steps to get started with Testing department, which is also a neccessity.

Documentation on project is good and having a dedicated librarian will ensure that documentation is reused across projects.


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