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I'm currently in bangalore.I have 2.5 yrs experience in manual testing but have not used any tool during the course of my experience.i want to know whether there are currently manual testing jobs available(for my experience) in a well reputed organisation which helps me to develop my testing skill? .

Is this the right time to apply for the job?Is there anything else that i need to develop to get a good job.


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This is a very common question that i got to listen to these days and unfortunately there is no one proper answer for this. Jobs are available as usual but companies are recruiting referrals than going on a hunt for skills. Even you can get in provided you are referred by some one. Or there is the other way n e how... wait till u get a better chance.

 If you have worked in a good technology(or domain what ever) like telecom or networks,etc  it hardly matters whether you are a manual or a tool expert in testing.But if you are from more common domains like banking, healthcare etc things are a bit critical for you in this situation.

 Well finally what I would like to tell u is stick to ur job for now. Dont be one among the LIFO (u know what it is right? Last In First Out) victims. Better sharpen ur skills,wait for the right time and switch.

All the best.....


 What say guys?????

kiran s.v