Why did you consider CSQA exam

To increase market value
78% (4603 votes)
Interested in QA as a profession
9% (521 votes)
Asked to do by Company OR Others are doing it
1% (32 votes)
Improve my Quality Knowledge
12% (692 votes)
Not sure, Others
0% (28 votes)
Total votes: 5876


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Is quality knowledge necessary for PM or not?

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Yes very much necessary so as to have a optimum planning and reativley  greater efficiency in delivering any project/product.

Thanaks and Regards,

Sudhindra Satyanarayana

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Quality certification i snot required for PM

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Can anyone answer for this question?

The activity which includes confirming understanding, brainstorming and testing ideas is a :

a) Code walkthru

b) Inspection

c) Review

d) Structured walkthrough

Thanks in advance!!

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as far as my experience is concerned, 'Review' is the answer.

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Quality is a MUST for PM.

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Yes it is.

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I think Quality is a very large term, for PM the process followed at his company should be known to him . The process which are running can be be of poor,good,best quality oriented , but he has to stick to his company's process.
Its the SQA or QAG people who bring in Quality and improvement in their existing quality process

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Interest in QA as a profession & Improving Quality Knowledge are inter-related concepts. If u have self satisfaction and interest in a particular domain, your level of knowledge will automatically improve without ur special intention to improve ur knowledge. If u dont have interest and working in QA or any domain, and ur trying to improve ur technical skills, simply the waste of time.