Outsourced project -- Steps to ensure product Quality

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Outsourcing has become very popular nowadays in software industry. What steps will you take to ensure that the product received from sub-contractors are of good quality ?

1)  Create the outsourced supplier agreement & Statement of work. Define SLA

2). Ensure that the supplier process and quality procedures are in line with what is needed by your customer. If not suggest improvements.

3). Clearly outline all the interfacing documents in one spreadsheet. Mention who is responsible, whether the document is mandatory or optional, what is the agreed upon format.

4) Outline the Config management, codedelivery methods

5) Establish a UAT process.

6) Establish the project completion process.

The above process will complete the QA part , below is the QC part.

1) Prepare a checklist that will cover all aspects of outsourced supplier delivery


2) Complete UAT, report defects. (Validation)

3) complete project completion or signoff.  

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also state the acceptance criteria for product and ensure that the subcontractor satisfies the acceptance criteria in the UAT tests
clearly state the functional and nonfunctional requirements to the subcontractor
Have periodic reviews with the customer to check on the product and progress
After taking over the product , if the maintance, enhancement of the same is in your hands , then , ensure you have the all the technical documentation completed by the supplier to be in complaince with your product needs.