Part 4: The six discipline model

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Envision: develop a vision for a software
product. Apple computer developed the user friendly Macintosh out of Steven
jobs vision of the computer as a household appliance.

plan the project by mapping resources to the goals established for
the software.
This discipline refers to mapping available resources to requirements,
which are derived from project goals and objectives.Although management is responsible
for high level project planning, everyone plans with respect to accomplishing
assigned work.

Produce the product based on the current plan.
This discipline refers
to implementing the plan to produce the product
Work is any activity to produce
the product, including intermediate and disposable work products.(derived documents,
design documents, and test drivers.)

Measure: Report the variance between expected
and actual results to update the plan
This discipline refers to comparing expected
and actual results.
We analyze variance and recommend corrective action.

Improve: Analyze benchmarks and organization
project measures to improve processes and metrics.
This discipline refers to
learning from past experience.
Internal measures and external benchmarks help
us to know how to change plan.

Discover:Assess the uncertainty of our
work and external enigma for risk and opportunity, which we manage through changes
to the plan and vision.
The sixth discipline means becoming aware of the future.

We seek to know by investigating what we do not know.