Part 5: Disciplines of awareness

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Personal awareness

Watts Humphrey states that “the personal software process is a self-improvement
process (improve). We are each blessed with unique talents and opportunities.We
need to decide what to do with them (plan).consistent high performance takes
persistent effort (work), an understanding of our own abilities (measure),and
a dedication to personal excellence (envision)


Risk and personal progress:
The point at which your project exists today is your current status
of project. Between the Estimated task completions and Actual task completions
are project risks which manager needs to mitigate and forsee from time to time.

Consequence of knowledge

  1. Six disciplines

    ---6D model

    ---Specialization requires that there is a manager who plans, an engineer
    who works, and a measurement analyst who measures

  2. Individual intelligence

    ---Fitting square people in round jobs.

    ---Individual contribution is a key to high performance teams and profitable

    ---Consequence of ignorance

    ---Lack of skills

    ---Lost opportunity

    ---Suffer from mistakes

    ---Pain of regret

Reactive & pro-active

Risk management is
a proactive activity. We plan for risks ahead of time. When the risk occurs,
we react to it by our risk resolution plan.