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Hi all,

I am appearing for CSQA exam scheduled on 09-Dec-2006, i would like to know the approcach for the examination and preparation plan for exam if you have one .

Thanks & regards


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Hi Raghuram

Check the QA Articles here, it has a section New to CSQA?, read some basic info there.

Then you can download questions and visit fome links here , read subjective answers etc.

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Could you let me know, if I spend 2 hrs a day (say from Jan 1, 2007) from now for CSQA preparation then is it possible to give exam on March 24, 2007?

I am working and am not sure if I should pay the fees for the March slot or for Septmeber Slot. Your response would be appreciated





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Hi Madhu,

60 days is generally enough for CSQA preparation, assuming that you spend more time on weekends around 8 -16 hours.

For a more relaxed Study Schedule consider the following 10 week plan.

Week 1: Read Introductions about CSQA, Exam Etc. and Complete KD1.
Week 2: KD2, KD3.
Week 3: Revise KD1, KD2, KD3 and start answering Questions & Subjectives. Your focus this week should be to get as much into Questions.

Week 4: KD5, KD6
Week 5: KD7. KD8
Week 6: Revise KD5 to KD 8 and Solve Objective and Subjective Questions.
Week 7: KD9, KD10
Week 8: Second Reading of Entire CBOK and answer as many questions as you can.
Week 9: Third Revision if needed OR continue Solving questions.
Week 10: Enough hard work Relax and recollect everything for the Grand Finale.

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I would like to ask, If I want to prepare for the CSQA, what are the basic things I should keep in mind and also from where I can get the study material and How much time it gonna take to prepare for CSQA,if I spend maximum 2 hours a day.

Your reply will be highly appreciated.


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Check out QA Articles and New to CSQA section. THis is answered. Let me know if you have more questions

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hai every body i am new to this forum and as all i am too preparing for the CSQA ,and the only thing i am unclear is wheather to appear for the mar or june .As far as preparation for the csqa is concerned i think it is more of what you learn in your organization and being a quality guy i think it should not take too much time, but planning is very important,and sticking to the plan is quiet difficult,while planning be very conservative so that you can bridge the gap.and finally there is nothing to lose take your own time dont rush be strong fundementally before getting into the depths.

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Try evaluating yourself based on information here or by talking to other people. I would say march is realistic if you are an experienced person and willing to devote few hours per week

 If you postpone to June, which is 6 months from now, you may  not study till april, so it will be same preparation time.

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I am planning to take CSQA exam. Can you please help me.



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hai all can anyone post me mock question papers

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Question bank is on this site, see the link from home page

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Hi I am applying for CSTE Certification. Please suggest some good study material. And about how much time it gonna take me to prepare for the exam? If you have some study material i will really appreciate if you can let me know about that. Thanks for your help.

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Hi, I want to get CSQA certified before end of 2007. 

Thanks for this wonderful information web area. . I'm bit confused about the prerequisites. It says that I should have one of the three requirements. I'm a bachelor commerce degree holder (Madras University) and 5 years of IT experience but not directly under Quality. Is this a valid prerequisite. Please advice me on this.

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Thanks. Yoou should be qualified. QAI may change the pre-requisites so visit for latest information. Only 1 year of IT exp. is needed

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hi all,
i applied for the csqa on march 24th and gt thru.. i hv the CBOK 2006 book .. i would like to noe if anyone here noes if the syllabus has chg'd or not since last yr.. my cd from FL is still on its way .. so i would like to noe if anyone here has any idea on this ..