Project Stakeholders

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Common exam question Users are one stakeholders in a project. Name 3 stakeholders who are interested in a project other than users. Whar are their roles in a. Requirement Phase b. System Test Planning c. Deciding whether to promote the code to production or not. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Project stakeholders are 1. Development Team ( Developers) 2. Management Team ( Project Manager) 3. Implementation Team ( Administrators) 4. Testing Team ( Testers) 5. Business Team ( Business Analysts) a) Requirements Phase: Developers need to understand the techincal solution and participate in project estimating , planning, scheduling, staffing etc PM will ensure requirements are complete and baselined. Managing the delieverables and ensuring on schedule and on-time completion. Admins need to determine if there are any special software requirements, that need configuration, support , procurement. Admins need to ensure that hardware and software , capacity , load and performance requirements are feasible and doable in the time frame. Testers need to understand the Functional and Business requirements, so that they can start preparing System and System integration Test documents. b)System Test Planning Developers need to participate on feasibility and code coverage aspects of System Testing. Ensure that test enviornment is similar to development environment. PM will manage the resources for this phase. Also to ensure that Test planning is complete on-time and within budget. PM will have to ensure that system test planning covers all aspects of system testing and the plan will be reviewed and baselined before system testing starts Testers will participate in System test planning. They will be the authors of this document. Mainly ensuring that all system requirements are being tested . C) Developers will provide the completion status of project, unit testing results and bug lists( if any). This will be input for PM to make further decisions Testers will provide the PM with compelete test results of System, integration and Regression testing. Also they will provide the defects and their whether or not they were resolved satisfactorily. Based on inputs recieved from various stakeholders, PM can determine how safe it will be to move the code to production. PM will be the primary decision maker in this phase as any defects encountered in production will be severe and very costly to fix.