CSTE & Software Testing

Software Testing & CSTE

Software Testing Types

Different types of Software Testing are Installation Testing, Compatability Testing, Smoke and sanity testing, Regression testing , Acceptance testing,Alpha testing,Beta testing, Functional vs non-functional testing, 

Software Testing LifeCycle Stages

Just like we have software development Life cycle or SDLC, Software testing is not an activity, it has its own lifecycle like. The different stages are

Want to do CSTE, where to start.

Want to know about CSTE certification, its requirements, eligibility criteria, Study plan, exam format and passing grades. Check this PPT for details


After you register on the website for CSTE you can download your copy of CSTE CBoK, so dont worry about that

GUI Testing

Test Case Generation

To generate a ‘good’ set of test cases, the test designer must be certain that their suite covers all the functionality of the system and also has to be sure that the suite fully exercises the GUI itself. The difficulty in accomplishing this task is twofold: one has to deal with domain size and then one has to deal with sequences. In addition, the tester faces more difficulty when they have to do regression testing.

The size problem can be easily illustrated. Unlike a CLI (command line interface) system, a GUI has many operations that need to be tested. A very small program such as Microsoft WordPad has 325 possible GUI operations [1]. In a large program, the number of operations can easily be an order of magnitude larger.


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