QA Manager / IT director Conflict resolution.

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Common question type: You are appointed QA Manager Your IT Director wants you to do the testing and QC review. How would you tell convince your IT Director that this is not your responsibility as a QA Manager ******************************************************* To answer such questions, we have to first make some assumptions, as such statements are too generic.. Assumptions: Issues encountered in Testings and QC review causing customer escalations and IT Director's attention. Solution: 1. Analyze issues , conduct RCA and implement process improvements based on the issues. 2. Share the improvements, action items with IT Director. Also share the team leader responsible for conduction the Testing and QC Reviews, and that the person is qualified to complete this task. 3. Present the detailed Test Plan, and deliverable dates ( milestones if any). Show how the testing cycle and reviews will be tracked, monitored by you, which will help any issues to be caught in early stages. Once above is agreed upon and Testing and Reviews are progressing, present status report weekly which highlights following 1. How process improvements have reduced / eliminated previous issues 2. Status of Testing. Milestones achieved. 3. Metrics of Defect injection v/s Defect fixed. 4. If conducting joint testing, share customer feedback. 5. Process improvements planned , by learning from this milestone. *************************************************** Depending upon nature of assumptions and number of assumptions, the above solution will change. It is better to quote atleast one point from CBOK