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What is the role of QA in the 6 phases of SDLC (initiation to implementation)?


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Do you mean Quality Assurance or Quality Analyst... Role or Quality Analyst during all phases of SDLC would be to ensure that both QA and QC activities are carried out. You can take each phase and give examples:

Eg: Coding - Ensure Reviews take place,
- Ensure review captures all defects

- Ensure that coding covers all aspects of design and traces back to original requirements
- Coding standards are followed etc.

QA will only monitor and control, will not do any of the actual work. QA may take audits from time to time.

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I meant quality assurance. Does quality assurance person do only audits and reviews in the sdlc phase?

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Yes audits are done during SDLC by QA

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Is audit a QA activity? Because as per my understanding its an independent activity. So I thought it is not done by a QA person. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Audit is Quality assurance as per CBOK...Audits are done by SQA or team members delegated by QA...

Does CBOK say any different

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QA is a independent staff function and audits are performed by the same function.

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Can someone detail this out for me please

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There is an important terminology to be understood here... which is Line functions and Staff function.

Line function is derived from manufacturing industry, the actual people who perform the work on the Line. For eg if you are making jams people down on the factory are Line workers or Line functions.

Staff function on the other hand are people who are not involved in actual work but do the management, Quality and other work for the Line function to work effectively.

QA is definitely a Staff function. Audits are Staff function. Audits can be performed by anyone who works with SQA or SQA himself.

Hope this clears.