Quality Principles and Concepts

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1. Quality Principles and Concepts

Before an organization can begin to assess the quality of its products and services, and identify opportunities for improvement, it first must have a working knowledge of quality principles and basic concepts. This category will test the CSQA candidate’s ability to understand and apply these principles, which include the quality vocabulary, various ways of defining quality, key concepts, distinguishing between quality control and quality assurance, and the contributions of quality pioneers.

Vocabulary of Quality

Understand the terms used to explain and implement quality in an IT organization.

The Different Views of Quality

·        The Two Quality Gaps

·        Quality Attributes for an Information System

Quality Concepts and Practices

·        PDCA Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

·        Cost of Quality

·        Six Sigma Quality

·        Baselining and Benchmarking

·        Earned Value 

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

·        Quality Control

·        Understanding and Using the Just-In-Time (JIT) Technique

·        Quality Assurance

·        Differentiating Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality Pioneers Approach to Quality

·        Dr. W. Edwards Deming

·        Philip Crosby

·        Dr. Joseph Juran

·        Total Quality Management