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Hi team

 Am new to this forum , please can anyone guide reg the learning tips to take up the cste exam.





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Please help , how many months we needs to prepare for CSTE. 




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Mee too appeared for the June -08 exam. From Experts I came to know that experienced can crack the exam by doing 1 month prepration.

Also got the udpates that we need to go through all the artifacts given in CBOK.




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Thanks man, just send me any materials if you have any mail id is 



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what is the material to prepare CSTE exam other than CBOK?
Any books for references?
If any one has model papers/ sample or past exam papers/ any material regarding, please send me via email.

My email address:

Thanks in advance.

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Hi John - I'd be glad to help u. I'm based in Chennai and have been guiding youngsters for CSQA/CSTE/PMP and ISTQB for many years now. Pl write to me at



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Hi Sure,

I am writing CSTE in sep. Could you please forward sample questions bank and material for CSTE to my email address


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Am planning to take up my CSQA exam soon, is it possible to share some materials for CSQA exam?

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Kindly provide me with CSTE study materials and other details.

My Email Id :

Thank You
Rahul Gupta

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Well. It depends upon your hard work and curiosity. *

f you are applying for CSTE certification check if you can answer at least 75% of the following. Four and half hour CSTE exam consist of 4 parts, Two multiple choice parts and two essay parts. Software Testing Principles and Concepts

* Building the Test Environment
* Managing the Test Project
* Test Planning
* Executing the Test Plan
* Test Reporting Process
* User Acceptance Testing
* Testing Software Developed by Contractors
* Testing Internal Control
* Testing New Technologies
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Hi hema,


Even me too planned to write CSTE on Dec 13th..Want to prepare well before that...R u from chennai, wen u planned to take up the exam 




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Hi Hema - I'd be glad to help u. I'm based in Chennai and have been guiding youngsters for CSQA/CSTE/PMP and ISTQB for many years now. Pl write to me at



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Hi even i am planning to give the exam ...does anyone have CBOK 2008 ..if can share that would be great help

Thanks in advance

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Hi Divya - C-BoK 2006is the latest version. If u hv problems downloading it, please write to me at and I'll help/guide you.I have been guiding CSQA/CSTE/ISTQB/PMP aspirants from Chennai for many years now.

When r u planning to write the exam and where are you located?





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I am plannning to Prepare for CSTE? I have started going through CBOK.

Could you please telll me what strategy should we adopt to prepare for this?

Which are the mail topics/chapters/skill category that we need to focus? 

I have been working in IT since last 3 years , how much time would it take for preparation?

Please send me the material as well.

my email id is 


Thanks in Advance


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Hi Frens !! I am planning to write CSTE Exam next month....

I have Cbook for referene. Please let me know if anyone has any reference material other than Cbook 2006........

Thnx in advance.......


Saurabh Garg 

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Hi friends,

              I am new to this site Embarassed..I am planning to take up CSTE exam in dec .. please can any one guide me about that and if you people have the Cbook please can you share that

this is mail id , looking forward for the response



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Hi saraswathi,


Am john here...Me too planned to appear on dec batch in chennai...but i think we need to pay the amount before 2month of the exam date...




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Hi Saraswathi,

First of all sorry i m replying u a bit late...I have jst joined the forum now...Any way u said that u r interested in taking up CSTE in Dec'08...That sounds good...I would say CBOK is the only source that would help u clear ur exam...So make sure u read CBOK atleast thrice bfore u appear for the exam...Dnt refer any other reference books...Be thorough with CBOK...It wud easily help u clear ur Objective paper also...

I have send u the CBOK on ur gmail ID...

Do let me know if u have any other questions...

All The Best 

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi Sudhakar,

can you please send the CSTE materials to me as well. thanks in advance.

mail id



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refer to this blogspot

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Hi ,

I am planning to take CSTE in another month. Please help me with the CBOK material and tips for successful completion of the certification. my email id is .

Looking forward for your support Smile



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Hi ,

I've sent the CSTE CBOK to the mentioned email id.

All the Best.



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Hi Kishore,

can you please send the CSTECBOK to the following mail id


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Hi Kishore,

I am new to this forum. I am planning for CSTE exam. Can you please send me the copy of CBOK material.

Your help appreciated.



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Hi Kishore,
Can you please send me the latest CSTE CBOK (2010) ?

My id is


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Thanks for helping out the community for passing CSQA.. really appreciate it.
Is there anyway you could send me the question bank & otther info ? I am planning to appear in Oct. Jack Charlton

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Hi Jack...
Can you reply me with ur mail ID...

Wud do the needful...

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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When is CSTE exam in late 2009/early 2010?

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Hi Mgir,
The next exam is on Nov 21st...But the date to apply for the exam has passed...
For 2010 the exam dates have not been declared on the site yet...I guess the exams would be conducted online(Prometreic Center) from 2010...Please visit for more details...

Hope i have answered ur question...

Do let me know if you have any other questions...

All The Best !!!

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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check out the below link for exam schedule in 2010:
click on Sponsored Site Examination Schedule link

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Hi Hema,

you will get all information regarding CSTE from below site.

do let me know If you have further queries.


Mohit Kumar

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I am plannning to Prepare for CSTE? I have started going through CBOK.
Could you please telll me what strategy should we adopt to prepare for this

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Hi Dino...
Jst keep reading thru CBOK and make sure u r thorough with it...This wud help u to clear ur exam...

All The Best !!!

Sudhakar Packiamuthu(CSQA,CSTE)

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Hi everyone,

I would be obliged if someone could guide me how to prepare/approach to clear CSTE exam and how much time/efforts one has to put for how log time??

Thank you very much..

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I am new here, but i am studying for the CSTE and wondering if anybody has the link or soft copy of CBOK for CSTE Exam, please send to my email please.

Thanks in advance

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I have joined into this forum recently. Iam planning to take CSTE exam ,could any one help me sharing the latest CBOK and valuable tips to complete the CSTE certification exam.
Mail Id:
Thanks in Advance