Role of different actors involved in relooking at standards since implementation of same is weak.

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An organization has implemented standards. However the implementation is weak. So you have been called to have a re-look at the standards. What would be role of different actors involved (e.g. QA, QC, Standardization Group etc..)

Pls do suggest?



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Just top of my head, it would be

QA - Would analyze the gaps in current implementation. They will conduct Audits and then analyze the reports.  This will give them the standards that are most neglected. 

Pareto analysis will help them focus on the critical few. 


Standardization group - They are the ones who will take inputs from the QA and rework the standards. They will roll out new standards with help of team.

QC - Ensure the compliance to new set of standards. Measure the effectiveness of implemented standards. Report non-compliance