Software Testing in Small Organizations by Gita Babaria

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Introduction All of us are familiar with challenges faced by an IT organization. Being able to meet the schedule "and" achieve quality results at the same time is one of the biggest one. This is such a common problem that now a days we do not even raise an eyebrow when people say that their project is behind schedule. Schedule slippages have become a part of life. So, in case we meet the schedule, we slip up on quality and spend a lot of time in reworking and fixing bugs as reported by the client. I agree this looks like an over simplified view of the problem in its ugly form. None the less, I believe it is very valid for most of the organizations, what varies, though, is the degree of severity. Frequently changing requirement specifications, very high employee turn over, very high burn out rate, rapidly changing technologies, limited resources are often mentioned as some of the main blocks in achieving the goal of producing "Good Enough" software on "time". Some of the larger organizations with more resources have been able to meet this challenge to some extent. So one may be tempted to ask "How can one achieve professional testing in small organizations where the resources are limited, Teams are small and Testing department / QA (Quality Assurance) department / QC (Quality Control) teams are non existent?" Read full article here