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For Subjective exams like CSQA it is very important that you discuss with the participants and form Study Groups. There is always not a right or wrong answer. With discussion amongst users, you can arive at a best answer to score most marks.

Study Group** DISCONTINUED TEMPORARILY** is simply a FORUM board dedicated to a group of individuals. You can form your own study group and invite your friends to join it. You can have online discussion and everyone around the globe can participate or benifit from it.Click here to see example

To create Study Group, simply send an email to, a new forum will be created within 24 hrs. After group is created you can invite your friends to join and have online CSQA discussions.

Buddy List In Navigation bar on left you will see my buddylist. Here you can add users of this site as your buddies. This will help you track their posts and activity. One of the use of Buddy List is to form Study Groups.


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I am planning to take a CSTE certification browsed through website & figured out that i can take this certification through any Prometric center.

I am trying to look in to any Cbok which is either a 2008 or 2009 & try understand how complex these subjects are for me to take examination in the next few months.

Any help in sending me the cbok PDF's will be greatly appretiated.
I can be reached on