Test Plan Process

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I want to Make process for test plan in my organization..i am little confused regrading the steps followed for test planning process..and it mixed in testing process .tell me what are main steps we folloed for Test plan Process.


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You can check this page for some info http://csqa.info/cste_--_6._test_planning_process

Otherwise there are some basic steps

1. Gathering project info, Functional requirements, review of requirements to determine testability (completeness, consistency, correctness, unambiguity)

2. Testing scope: Strategy, Environment, testing tools, manual v/s automated, types of testing to be done

3. Configuring the Test Environment
Define test environment requirements
Performing installation and configuration of test tools

4. Test Planning and Test Case Design
Test Analysis of the Requirements to enumerate the tests to be performed for each requirement for each type of testing.

Expanding the Test Analysis into Test Cases and/or Test Scenarios and prioritizing the same.