Vision, Mission, Goals, Principles, Values

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  1. Describes the path that the Company will take in the coming years. It clearly defines the goals that are set out to achieve. All strategic decisions are based on this Vision.
  2. Why the company is in business; What company strives to accomplish, Where are they going


Describe the approach and the manner in which we want to work to achieve our goals. See the following example to differentiate values and principles - (Purpose(Mission), Values, Principles )

Principles (Guiding principles)

State how company wants to conduct day-to-day business. Used to guide daily decisions.

A global company must continuously comply with different legal frameworks and cultural conditions and constantly
conduct in a manner that helps to fully achieve our self-established standards and expand.


What company does - Goals Drive long term decisions and define strategic directions. Organization may have different goals for different business units or departments.

Mission (Purpose)

 Why does the business matter ? Gives purpose and Meaning to organization's work. It will answer all the "why" questions for an organization. It is the purpose or intent of an organization.

In a way, a "mission" is the motivational aspect of vision: it defines and clarifies "why does the vision matter?" and implies a set of governing values or principles.  Some organizations prefer to define their "core values" explicitly, and lately we've seen clients focus on a Code of Ethics to make operational ... either way, mission and values both define what is important to the individual, department or enterprise.

Why are we doing this?  Brings out purpose, motives, and intention.

What’s vitally important about our work?  Begins to identify the values and interests that drive the organization.

With what aspects of this work do I most identify?  Is there a cause or purpose -- the bigger picture -- beyond the work itself?



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